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Connect your Salesforce login to see sentiment signals and escalation predictions on your support data.

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Predict and prevent escalations

Use accurate escalation prediction to put out the smoke before the fire

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Find issues before they become fire drills and solve cases faster

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Use customer sentiment and attention scores to solve cases faster and reduce backlog

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Take advantage of the customer insights hiding in your ticketing system

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the trial?

The trial shows a glimpse of what SupportLogic SX offers:

  • Play with the console experience using sample data
  • Take a self-guided tour through every enterprise capability
  • Connect your own data to experience the benefit of customer signals. You can delete your data from the system at any time.
  • Chat with us to learn more or book a full demo

Learn more about our complete product offering here.

There are two versions of the trial:

  • The sample data experience, using sample data for a glimpse at the Console and SupportHub, with the rest of the platform’s capabilities shown as self-guided tours.
  • The connected experience, where you can connect your Service Cloud instance and extract signals from your data, score your cases, and explore the Console and SupportHub experience.

The connected-CRM experience currently supports Salesforce Service Cloud.

Support for additional ticketing systems is planned and users of other ticketing systems can still use the sample data experience. Contact us for a live demo featuring your CRM.

We use your Salesforce credentials to securely pull your data into the platform.

Upon connecting your Salesforce account, the platform imports up to 500 of the most recent cases and related data (including case comments, accounts, and contacts).

Up to 500 of the recently opened cases you have access to are imported. You can delete this data at any time and re-import on demand.

For added privacy, you can create a restricted user account in Salesforce and use that to log in to the trial.

Yes. The platform uses your secured credentials to temporarily pull your case data from Service Cloud using the Salesforce API.

If you do not have the correct license or access to cases in Salesforce, no data will be imported. The import is a one-time, on-demand pull, with an option to delete the imported data at any time or re-import fresh cases.

No, you will only see your own imported data. The cases that are imported are restricted to your Salesforce user permissions.

The platform keeps this data separate for your security/confidentiality.

Likely you do not have permission to see support tickets. You must have a Salesforce license and Service Cloud access enabled.

Yes, at any point during the trial or after expiration, a user can login and clear their CRM data under the profile options.

You will be notified when your trial expires. We won’t reduce functionality but we do track who is logging in after the trial expiration.