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SupportLogic Data Integration Overview

The process of integrating your data is designed to be secure, granular, non-intrusive, and flexible.

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Improving the Support Experience with Intelligent Swarming

Solving customers’ hard problems can be an “all hands on deck” scenario - and support teams need more seamless approaches to enabling the ability to “swarm” to trouble spots. In addition, a new set of metrics and policies are needed to properly measure the success of swarming initiatives.

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Coveo Slashes Case Resolution Time with Intelligent Routing

Before using SupportLogic, Coveo was already investing heavily in creating an exceptional customer support experience. But with most issues handled via self-service, agents faced more and more issues with which they were unfamiliar due to the lack of skill-based routing.

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Support Experience: A Force Multiplier for Your CRM

Your CRM (or case ticketing system) is a critical component of your support operations. Learn how to get the most out of it! In this webinar presented by 729 Solutions, Alex James, VP of Global Customer Support at Fivetran, and Omid Razavi, Chief Customer Officer at SupportLogic, highlight the benefits of adding SupportLogic to a case management system like Zendesk or Salesforce.

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Don’t Just React To Escalations

Don’t wait for customer issues to find you. For many B2B companies, the support organization is now the true “front line” of the customer experience. And for too long, the insights derived from support interactions have been trapped in silos and not driving better business outcomes. But today, SupportLogic is making it easy to extract, and take action, on those critical insights.

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Supercharge your support team
Coach your agents in real-time with unique insights

Learn how SupportLogic allows you to help coach agents and keep moral high.

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Resolve customer support cases quickly
Identify and Prioritize Customer Support Case Backlog

Watch how to help your agents resolve cases faster with efficiency and ease.

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Reduce Customer Churn
Reduce Churn With NLP

Watch how to utilize real-time analytics to identify customers who can become churn risks.

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Predict and prevent customer support escalations
Predict and Prevent Escalations

Learn how Nutanix leveraged Machine Learning to reduce customer escalations by 40%

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