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Informatica Partners with SupportLogic to Accelerate AI with Business Impact

Scaling their voice of the customer program allowed Informatica to make their support managers more efficient and open up resources for new initiatives.



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About Informatica

Informatica, an Enterprise Cloud Data Management leader, brings data and AI to life by empowering businesses to realize the transformative power of their most critical assets. We have created a new category of software, the Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud™ (IDMC). IDMC is an end-to-end data management platform, powered by CLAIRE® AI, that connects, manages and unifies data across virtually any multi-cloud or hybrid system, democratizing data and enabling enterprises to modernize and advance their business strategies. Customers in more than 100 countries, including 85 of the Fortune 100, rely on Informatica to drive data-led digital transformation.

How Informatica Transforms the Support Experience

The support organization at Informatica already knows that proactive support is the key to providing an exceptional customer experience. The company has been a visionary at building predictive models for years and seeing strong results, consistently achieving high retention rates and customer satisfaction scores.

“We have a very mature data science team, and have done a lot of work on predictive analysis. Back in 2016, we rolled out our own predictive escalation. We also do a lot of work on predictive renewals and customer health,” says Pattabhi Raman, VP of Digital Experience at Informatica.

As the business shifted to a cloud-only, consumption-based model, the support organization at Informatica wanted to continue their success with AI while aligning with this new business objective. They also wanted to expand their monitoring of customer sentiment across the entire organization and accomplish the following goals:

  • Maximize support manager efficiency
  • Open up resources for new programs (such as case deflection and knowledge management)
  • Help the broader team make better-informed decisions

“We wanted to know that out of 20 cases, ‘this is the case that has the most weight, work on this.’ Priority level or case activity by themselves don’t matter to us. I want to analyze 100 different data points to see the case that requires the most amount of attention.”

These requirements meant evaluating the pros and cons of a build versus buy strategy, exploring outside technology, and bringing in a solution that aligned with the new direction of the business.

Raman and the team realized that to achieve their performance and operational efficiency targets, they needed to invest in a solution that extended their success in sentiment analysis and predictive AI in a cloud-only, consumption-based model.

Informatica knew the power that AI and sentiment analysis could have in transforming their business. After searching the market and consulting trusted advisors, Informatica chose SupportLogic to help them scale their AI initiatives.

“Three areas where SupportLogic got us excited were sentiment analysis, reducing backlog, and proactive escalations. It’s where we saw immediate value coming out of the platform.”

Sentiment analysis allowed Informatica to monitor and measure every customer interaction and then spread those insights across the business. SupportLogic’s escalation prediction technology then helped them address potential issues before they became actual escalations, extending Informatica’s data science capabilities.

Informatica started seeing results quickly. After an implementation period of just 45 days, they had an entirely new set of tools for their support AI program and were able to immediately free up resources for other initiatives. The team now has the cycles to implement new case deflection and knowledge creation initiatives without adding headcount.

“SupportLogic was prepackaged with exactly what we wanted—it was a no-brainer for us. We were able to start realizing the value fast. I couldn’t have asked for anything more, especially in a subscription world. Instead of getting results in two month’s time, it would have taken eight or nine month’s time before we could have built these functionalities.”

With as many as 125 to 150 open cases at any given time, Informatica’s support managers now had the tools they needed to stay on top of all customer interactions. The support team could categorize cases based on types of backlog—by product, by inbound activity, by age, or by a bug. 

“We always knew the technical part of the escalation, but the sentiment part was previously lacking for us. The combination gives us a very clear picture of why something is getting escalated. With the insights coming from SupportLogic, our managers have visibility into cases and the reasons why they’re being flagged, and are able to proactively address these to reduce escalations.”

Adoption is a critical piece to the success of any new technology initiative. To help ensure a successful transition, Informatica created a focus group with support managers from different regions and products. These champions for SupportLogic introduced use cases and helped address questions from the rest of the team. 

“When we rolled out SupportLogic, the unanimous feedback we received was how easy the platform is to use—there is no learning curve involved. All the light bulbs are turning on, the right signals are coming in, and you can look into them and take action. The interface is simple and straightforward—it’s a very business friendly application. That made a big difference in how we were able to help drive adoption.”

The Challenge: Informatica wanted to scale predictive AI to understand voice of the customer

Informatica’s support organization targets cloud transformation.

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Informatica found a solution partner in SupportLogic.

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Informatica found SupportLogic easy to learn and get expected results quickly.

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Looking ahead, Informatica sees a long future with SupportLogic and is planning to expand into the case assignment and the generative AI-powered agent productivity aspects of the platform. The company also plans to incorporate the attention score and sentiment score into their engineer workflow, bringing these tools into Salesforce and day-to-day engineering operations. 

“We’re looking forward to seeing how SupportLogic can handle case assignment and help us eliminate manual intervention. That will be a big productivity boost for managers, and will have a direct impact on the initial response SLAs that we have for our customers.”

“With the insights coming from SupportLogic, our managers have visibility into cases and the reasons why they’re being flagged, and are able to proactively address these to reduce escalations.”

Pattabhi Raman, VP of Digital Experience, Informatica

Why Informatica Leadership Loves SupportLogic

Ansa Sekharan

Chief Customer Officer, Informatica

Geetha Gopalakrishnan

SVP, Customer Support, Informatica

Pattabhi Raman

VP of Digital Experience, Informatica

In the midst of a cloud-only consumption driven business transformation, our charter at Informatica is to bridge the gap between the promise of technology and customer outcomes by delivering best-in-class customer experiences across the entire journey. SupportLogic has helped us accelerate our use of AI to unlock the key customer insights to proactively improve customer experience with fast time-to-value.

We’re focused on enabling support managers to be more effective, efficient, and productive. SupportLogic has provided us with insight and clarity into what cases need the most attention and which customers are facing the most critical issues. As a result, we’ve resolved cases faster and better, while redirecting resources towards self-service content to improve the customer experience.

SupportLogic adds color to each prediction, giving insight into why it’s predicted likely to escalate and the next steps. Those insights are like finding a needle in the haystack and that’s where we saw immediate value.

The Details Behind the Success

Hear from Geetha Gopalakrishnan, SVP of Customer Support, as she breaks down why Informatica chose to partner with SupportLogic and the value her organization experienced.

Finding the Right Sentiment Solution

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