Reduce Backlog and Focus on What Matters Now

Monitor cases in real time, prioritize cases that need attention, and fix problems ASAP

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Reduction in Case Review Time



Reduction in Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR)



Unicorns Who Love SupportLogic

Run customer support operations like never before

Identify Cases That Need Attention Right Now

Pinpoint cases with breached SLAs, negative customer sentiments, or escalation requests

Create custom case lists leveraging signals extracted by NLP such as predicted escalation

Leverage Slack, MS Teams, or email to share case and customer sentiment with anyone

Early Warning System

Leverage the power of NLP to get notified in real-time when a customer is unhappy, or a case is likely to escalate.

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Swarm, Collaborate, and Annotate

Invite subject matter experts, sales, and customer success team members to provide additional customer context and resolve issues quickly. Annotate case data and start an internal conversation thread.

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Case Information is Just One Click Away

You can access case data and the entire case history with just one click from any case list.

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Customize it Anyway You Want

Configure alerts to your heart’s content with quick drag and drop functionality. Create personal alerts that notify only you, or system wide alerts for a wider audience.

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Technology Unicorns Love SupportLogic

“[SupportLogic can] look at the actual content, process it intelligently, and generate alerts and signals to intercept and intervene at the right time.”

Matt Blair

SVP Support and Customer Success

Databricks’ proactive approach to support



Reduction in SLA Misses



increase in direct csat



increase in partner csat

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