Goodbye Metadata, Hello Customer Signals

Extract the true voice of the customer from every support interaction to drive more engaged, profitable relationships

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Read Every Ticket and Automatically Extract Signals Using AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Automatically extract 60 different customer signal categories and thousands of domain-specific keywords from your existing and live support tickets.

Detects more than 140 customer sentiment “signals” to gain true VoC

Analyzes 100% of cases to make more accurate predictions

Combines supervised and unsupervised ML models for deep learning

Seamlessly Integrates with Your Existing System

SupportLogic acts as a force multiplier for your CRM/ticketing system, unlocking actionable insights from unstructured data surrounding support interactions.

  • No rip and replace – works with your existing CRM system
  • Fast deployment and fast results within 60 days
  • Seamlessly integrated – make every agent more effective

Seamless data integration that’s non-intrusive, secure, and flexible.

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Security-First Architecture

From your very own virtual private cloud deployment, to rigorous security and privacy measures, your customer data is always safe and secure. 

  • SOC II Type 2 certified
  • Zero co-mingling of customer data
  • GDPR and HIPAA compliant

AI Purpose-Built for Your Organization

AI and NLP technology built with the language of B2B support. Get started quickly and refine as you go for even more accurate and impactful predictions.

Tuning using large language models

More accurate predictions than “DIY” AI tools

Go beyond rules-based routing and workflow

Deliver Insights to the Entire Business

Extract powerful business insights from your support interactions. Share product feedback, feature requests, and sentiment trends with product, sales and marketing teams with a single click.

Build more accurate customer health scores

Analyze sentiment at individual or group levels

Discover product usage trends and create benchmarks

Drive higher adoption and retention rates

Reduced Customer Escalations by 40%

“Our collaboration with SupportLogic has leveled up our customer support experience and has resulted in a 40% reduction in escalations.”

Chad Singleton

Vice President of Support Readiness

How Nutanix Reduced Their Escalations



reduction in escalations







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Elevate Your Support Experience

Reduce escalations and cut through backlog to increase customer retention and revenue