Nutanix Leveled Up Customer Support Experience With SupportLogic

Nutanix has made support an integral part of its customer experience; it’s become a competitive advantage to foster customer loyalty and drive revenue. But as the company’s customer base has grown exponentially, so too did its support case volume. Nutanix needed to accommodate this rapid growth while maintaining its excellent customer service and best-in-class Net Promoter Score (NPS) score. To help tackle this challenge, it turned to SupportLogic.

By leveraging SupportLogic’s AI-based signal analysis, Nutanix was able to help reduce customer escalations, better prioritize cases, and drive operational efficiency. SupportLogic also gave Nutanix a scalable way to unlock valuable insights from support interactions and share those insights across teams to benefit the business.

About Nutanix

Nutanix is a global leader in cloud software and a pioneer in hyperconverged infrastructure solutions, making clouds invisible, freeing customers to focus on their business outcomes. Organizations around the world use Nutanix software to leverage a single platform to manage any app at any location for their hybrid multi-cloud environments.

Superior customer support is one of Nutanix’s core tenants, as well as a competitive differentiator. The company has been recognized for its industry-leading NPS, which has averaged over 90 for the past seven years in a row. By delivering outstanding experiences to some 16,000 customers worldwide, Nutanix has consistently driven revenue and
fostered customer loyalty and success.

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“Brute-Force Approach” Doesn’t Work

When it comes to measuring customer satisfaction, Nutanix considers NPS its “true north.” NPS is a business metric that gauges a customer’s enthusiasm for a brand and the likelihood that they will recommend its products or services to someone they know. To maintain its high NPS, Nutanix invested in case analysis and escalation management. But its initial “brute-force approach” to both became increasingly time-consuming as the company grew.

Prior to 2021, Nutanix had achieved a seven-year average NPS of 90, far exceeding the industry average of 45. However, the company understood that even a single negative customer experience—such as an escalation—could negatively impact its NPS and turn a potential Promoter into a Detractor, affecting its bottom line. As part of their strategy, Nutanix zeroed in on escalation management to avoid customer frustrations and maintain its high NPS rating.

Nutanix’s first move was to work with its NPS survey provider to identify categories of support cases that prompted customer escalations that could result in low survey scores. Then, the Nutanix team manually examined each of these support cases to understand any underlying product or service issues. This involved countless, tedious hours of employee time—and the results were mixed. Analyzing each ticket individually, the team could identify and fix the “symptoms” of a specific case, but they struggled to recognize higher-level patterns and address the root cause of what was really going on with a customer. Additionally, as Nutanix’s customer base has rapidly increased, this manual case-by-case analysis became unsustainable. Nutanix required a more efficient, cost-effective way to analyze these cases for insights that would help maintain (or even improve) its NPS score.

Unlock Customer Sentiment and Signals

Nutanix was searching for a tool with advanced AI capabilities to level up its customer support experience and unlock customer insights in real time. In SupportLogic, Nutanix found an expertise and technology that could measure 100% of the customer “signals” (e.g., sentiment, attention) and provide workflows for escalation prediction and proactive case management.

Nutanix’s collaboration with SupportLogic started with customer sentiment analysis and focused on escalation prediction as the predominant use case. SupportLogic’s Service Experience platform is built on artificial intelligence and uses natural language processing (NLP) to extract sentiment and signals otherwise locked within the unstructured data of support interactions. SupportLogic extracts customer signals in real time and provides a 360-degree view of a customer’s case history, previous support interactions, and emerging patterns. The platform then proactively determines the likelihood and criticality of the potential escalations.

Before, Nutanix support managers had to step through a case to determine if it might be escalated and what actions should be taken to prevent that. Now, SupportLogic’s AI-powered workflow has replaced that time-consuming job with automatic escalation alerts and actionable customer insights. This enables Nutanix’s support team to quickly identify potential escalations and take corrective actions—without spending hours sifting through surveys and tickets. It also provides them with the vital case history and context needed to intervene at critical stages of the customer journey and prevent an issue from negatively impacting the customer relationship.

Empowered Nutanix Support Engineers

SupportLogic has helped Nutanix maintain its already high 90+ NPS by providing a more personalized view of each customer and their sentiment. The use of SupportLogic empowered Nutanix Support Engineers with a deeper understanding of customer situations and also facilitated the training of SupportLogic’s machine learning engine against the insights pulled from Nutanix’s support data, resulting in a 40% reduction in escalations.

SupportLogic’s customer sentiment analysis has benefited Nutanix in other ways, too. Not only are Support Engineers empowered with a deeper understanding of customer situations, but that understanding also continues to evolve. As customer patterns and behaviors change, SupportLogic continuously reads those signals. It then provides new, prescriptive recommendations.

Nutanix also uses customer sentiment analysis to solve issues before they impact the business. SupportLogic’s platform, for instance, provides support engineers with product-specific case data to push to other Nutanix teams to understand both short- and long-term trends. This, in turn, provides internal teams like product, engineering, and sales with actionable insights to support their own goals.

The Challenge:

Maintaining a world-class support experience despite rapid growth

Leveraging SupportLogic’s signal analysis for proactive case management

Nutanix reduced customer escalations by 40%









Reduction in Escalations

Nutanix’s next steps with SupportLogic

Nutanix’s focus on customer experience is an ongoing investment. The company will continue using advanced technology like SupportLogic to drive more and more intelligence up the chain. Nutanix’s ultimate goal is to provide “invisible support,” wherein the support infrastructure is always on, is always available, and functions proactively instead of reactively. Potential product issues or blockers are headed off before they create any friction for the customer. This type of support allows Nutanix customers to delight in using the product and focus on running their businesses and reduces time troubleshooting.

“We measure 100% of our customer signals and provide workflows for escalation prediction and proactive case management. SupportLogic has leveled up our customer support experience.”

Chad Singleton

VP, Support Readiness, Nutanix

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