Fivetran’s use of SupportLogic Reduced Customer Churn by 25%

As a result of its rapid growth, Fivetran faced the operational challenge of scaling its service, support, and success teams to manage its expanding customer base. It needed to do this while maintaining the high level of customer service on which the company has built its reputation. To tackle this challenge, Fivetran turned to SupportLogic.

By implementing SupportLogic solutions across its Customer Success organization, Fivetran enhanced customer service quality, efficiency, and proficiency, resulting in improvements in customer satisfaction score (CSAT), net promoter score (NPS), and customer sentiment scores. More importantly, Fivetran’s partnership with SupportLogic reduced customer churn by 25%.

About Fivetran

Fivetran is a leading provider of automated data integration, helping companies move data from multiple repositories to cloud-based storage warehouses. Fivetran automates data integration with pre-built connectors, so companies can focus on generating business value from data instead of just managing data. Via its software, users funnel data from in-house systems like Salesforce, Oracle, and Shopify to cloud-based data warehouses such as Amazon RedShift and Google’s BigQuery.

Fivetran became a leader in the data pipeline market by building innovative products that make access to business data as simple and reliable as electricity. As noted by Martin Casado, general partner at venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, a Fivetran investor: “If data is the new oil, then Fivetran is the pipes that get it from the source to the refinery.”

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Scaling Quickly

In 2020, Fivetran needed to quickly scale up its support team while maintaining its high bar for customer service. The global shift to remote work forced companies to migrate to the cloud at record speed—along with their business data. As a result, Fivetran experienced record growth over the year, doubling both its revenue and customers. The company’s support team suddenly found itself handling thousands more customer interactions per month—and needed to grow their team to keep up.

One reason for Fivetran’s extraordinary growth: the company’s “obsessive focus” on customer success. Its customer success mission is to deliver high-velocity, low-friction customer experiences at scale, empower users to take full advantage of Fivetran’s platform, and enable their organizations to drive business value from data. With frontline agents playing such a critical and complex role in the company, this compounded the challenge of growing the support organization quickly.

Real-Time Customer Insights

Fivetran made several moves, starting with the restructuring of its support team to a more modern model. Customer support and customer success were converged into one collaborative organization under one executive. This collaboration was part of its “modern support strategy” to better serve customers.

Fivetran also created a customer health score to help the entire organization understand the overall health of each customer and indicate which customers needed special handling. While the health score was a useful barometer for customer satisfaction, it was a “rearview mirror” indicator of past interactions and transactions.

These changes were a good first step, but they weren’t enough. Fivetran needed to utilize real-time customer insights to become more proactive and better serve their customers when and where customers most needed them. Enter SupportLogic.

Measuring and analyzing customer sentiment is at the heart of what SupportLogic does. SupportLogic connected to Fivetran’s existing support ticketing system and customer success platform, using connectors that continuously pull customer signals in real time. Those signals are extracted and analyzed via Natural Language Processing (NLP). Then, drawing from a combination of the current customer signals, metadata, and historical context, SupportLogic generates a sentiment score for each customer that provides Fivetran with a granular level of insight.

Customer sentiment quickly became a key operational metric for Fivetran. Traditional customer satisfaction metrics are “after the fact” indicators and hard to improve on their own. In contrast, SupportLogic helped Fivetran flip the process to focus first on an actionable metric (customer sentiment score) used to actively improve the customer experience.

Reduced Customer Churn by 25%

SupportLogic’s customer sentiment analysis benefited Fivetran in numerous ways, providing a single, updated data point for the newly converged Customer Success organization and enabling them to deliver great customer experiences at scale.

The customer sentiment score gave Fivetran real-time information about how each customer was feeling, as well as any blockers they were experiencing with the product. Armed with this information, Fivetran’s Customer Success agents could better determine how to engage with each customer and better serve them.

Fivetran soon found that when it kept its average customer sentiment score high, that fed into more traditional metrics as well. The company achieved an average 97% customer sentiment score. It subsequently saw improvements across key service metrics, including CSAT, NPS, and more. In just six months, Fivetran was able to increase CSAT from 90% to 95%. It also saw a 40% increase in NPS.

Fivetran also used SupportLogic’s customer insights to trigger proactive actions that improved the customer experience in real time and enabled decreased escalations and churn. Acting on customer signals from support data, Fivetran reduced customer churn by 25% while increasing revenue.

Analyzing customer sentiment had benefits that went beyond the Customer Success team. SupportLogic helped Fivetran unlock critical information from customer interactions that were relevant for the entire organization, including the product, engineering, and sales teams. What usability issues and missing capabilities were preventing product adoption? What were customers complaining about? Fivetran was able to identify—and then fix—product issues and barriers to adoption, which in turn increased company revenue and customer satisfaction.

The Challenge:

Scaling up a world-class support team in a matter of months

Leverage NLP analysis to proactively serve customers with the help of SupportLogic

Fivetran reduced customer churn by 25% and significantly increased customer sentiment scores



churn reduction



increase in nps



increase in CSAt

Fivetran’s next steps with SupportLogic

In the coming year, Fivetran is looking to double its revenue and customer accounts again. To accomplish that, it will work with SupportLogic to continue evolving its customer insights program to ensure that it is working productively for its customers.

Fivetran also wants to better guide the customer journey, and customer insights are critical to that. For example, it plans to expand its customer insights program to Fivetran’s marketing team, providing deeper context around each customer so the marketing team can communicate with customers more effectively.

“We have achieved a 97% customer sentiment score and 25% reduction in churn with SupportLogic.”

Alex James

Sr Director, Global Customer Support, Fivetran

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