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At SupportLogic, it’s about more than just making amazing products. It’s about the people and culture that truly makes SupportLogic a special company to work for, and to work with.

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Who We Are

CEO Krishna Raj Raja was the first support manager hired at VMware India. In the early days of VMware, he had time to read every message sent to support and anticipate where customers may have issues. This focus on proactive support kept customers happy and churn low. 

As VMware grew, the number of customers, tickets, and support engineers grew exponentially. He was no longer able to read every support interaction. Because of this, managers became reactive and service levels dropped. In addition to unhappy customers, the product insights and training knowledge that his team used to accumulate were getting lost. These insights were stuck in ticketing systems and data silos.

With these problems in mind, Krishna founded SupportLogic as the first Support Experience platform to automate what he used to do manually: using AI-infused workflows to analyze every customer interaction and spot the cases that need attention, allowing support teams to work proactively and be more efficient. 

We are a distributed team across several geographies, passionate about customer support. We are agile, highly collaborative, and customer centric. We believe that technology should adapt to people, not the other way around.

Our Values

Our values guide not just how we build our products, but how we work together as a team, and with our customers, every day. Our core values set us apart from other companies, but also bind us together as co-workers and partners.

At SupportLogic we:

Operate from a foundation of trust

Believe in people-first innovation

Make insight-driven decisions

Are conscientious of our world and our place in it

“When you join SupportLogic, you will experience a truly supportive environment where everyone works in transparency to contribute in improving support organizations.”

Asad Akram

Sr. Director of Engineering

“The work at SupportLogic is very engaging. Answering customers’ concerns provides fascinating avenues for me to learn about data science techniques used at SupportLogic.”

Shawn Rodricks

Data Analyst

“I particularly enjoy shipping impactful changes for our customers – we have a culture that is strong in end-to-end ownership, with an emphasis on building things that will make the biggest difference.”

Charles Monnett

Director of Product Management

Our Culture


Come join our dynamic, and fast growing team! Be part of the team that is putting support experience on the map, and enjoy the perks of working at a modern, groundbreaking startup like SupportLogic

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Diversity and Inclusion

At SupportLogic we celebrate our diverse team, and strive to offer the most inclusive, inviting workplace in the industry.

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Our leadership team brings together decades of experience in the support and enterprise software sector. Learn more about our executive staff and investors here.

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