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Product Roadmap & Vision Sessions

SupportLogic invites you to an exclusive Product Roadmap/Vision Session with Chief Product Officer Karan Sood and Chief Customer Officer Judith Platz.

Thursday, February 15th at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET

During this session, Karan will review recent innovations and present product releases planned for Q1 and what’s on the horizon for Q2.

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AI-Based Sentiment Analysis: The First Step in Proactive Support

Learn how AI-based sentiment analysis can help companies proactively understand customer emotions, react swiftly to enhance their experience, and explore use cases for improving support. Key topics include how sentiment analysis works in customer support interactions and the role of AI in unlocking insights.

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Say Goodbye to Time-Consuming Case Assignment

Automation and AI now have the ability to match agents to cases based on multiple “smart” factors, including customer history and demonstrated skillset.

See how SupportLogic helps Gainsight and Coveo get the right cases to the right agents with minimal effort from managers. The results? Dramatic reductions in case resolution time and increases in customer satisfaction.

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The Power of Support Insights within Gainsight

Insights from customer support can have a profound effect on your customer relationships and retention.

When customer success is equipped with actionable customer sentiment, they’re better equipped to address recurring issues—with the precise, clear-cut data they need to retain customers.

“Customer Success + Support Data = Improved Customer Relationships”

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SX Live Holiday Meetup: Bay Area

Join us on December 12 in Mountain View for an evening of learning, sharing, and networking with fellow customer support leaders and enthusiasts.

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Aligning Support and Success with AI to Improve Customer Retention

See why it’s essential for success teams to leverage support data to enable more effective and proactive outreach throughout the customer journey.

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