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The Power of Support Insights within Gainsight

Insights from customer support can have a profound effect on your customer relationships and retention.

When customer success is equipped with actionable customer sentiment, they’re better equipped to address recurring issues—with the precise, clear-cut data they need to retain customers.

“Customer Success + Support Data = Improved Customer Relationships”

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Aligning Support and Success with AI to Improve Customer Retention

See why it’s essential for success teams to leverage support data to enable more effective and proactive outreach throughout the customer journey.

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Customer Engagement Summit 2023

SupportLogic is going to Customer Engagement Summit 2023. This is a can’t-miss event for anyone near London. Register now and be sure to attend Krishna’s session.

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SX Live City Tour: Raleigh

Join us on November 15 in Raleigh-Durham for an evening of learning, sharing, and networking with fellow customer support leaders and enthusiasts.

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Get Truly Proactive Support with Support Data Analytics

Understand trends at scale. Train your team, enable customers, and stop negative signals from happening in the first place.

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Join SupportLogic at TSIA World Envision in Las Vegas, Nevada. Check out our speaking session October 17 on “Predictive and Generative AI – The Hype, Reality, and Real-World Use Cases for Transforming Customer Support and Success”. And stop by booth 509 for SupportLogic swag, a product demo, or just to say hi!

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