Apr 24, 2023

5 Benefits of Adding Escalation Management to Gainsight

Predictive escalation management is critical to ensuring that customer issues are addressed quickly and efficiently. By adding these escalation signals to Gainsight, you can streamline the customer success team’s process, improve customer satisfaction, and cut down on firefighting. 96% of customers report that customer service is essential in determining their loyalty to a brand. Getting ahead of escalations before they happen is a critical piece of the quality of your customer service.

In this article, we’ll explore five benefits of adding customer escalation signals and predictions to Gainsight.

SupportLogic sends AI-driven support insights and predictions as events to the Gainsight timeline, and pushes an overall Support Health Score

Improved Customer Satisfaction

The primary benefit of alerting customer success of support cases predicted “likely to escalate” is improved customer satisfaction. By quickly identifying and addressing customer issues, and involving customer success in the process, you can ensure that your customers feel valued and heard by their closest connections. This leads to improved customer loyalty and retention, as well as increased customer lifetime value.

Increased Efficiency

Adding escalation signals to Gainsight also streamlines the customer support process and improves efficiency by making customer success more efficient. Putting high-value support alerts in Gainsight means customer success doesn’t have to comb through tickets before important renewal meetings.

Better Insights into Customer Needs

Adding escalation management to the Gainsight timeline improves your org’s visibility into customer needs and pain points. By tracking and analyzing customer issues in Gainsight, your customer success team can see common themes and trends, and send these insights to the product and engineering teams.

This visibility also sets up customer success managers for stronger customer meetings, keeping them informed on open issues, closed escalations, and any hot interaction that may have occurred between a customer and the support org.

Reduced Churn

47% of customers consider switching to a competitor within 24 hours of a bad support experience. Adding escalation management to Gainsight can help reduce churn by helping your team take a proactive approach to the early warning signs of an escalation.

When your entire customer-facing organization can quickly \address customer issues, you can prevent customers from leaving for a competitor. In a competitive market, holistic support is the brand differentiator that strengthens your customer relationships.

Improved Team Morale

Finally, adding escalation management to Gainsight can improve internal team morale. By involving more of the organization in preventing escalations, you are empowering your support and success teams to deliver high-quality service. This can help boost employee satisfaction and reduce burnout.

SupportLogic is proven to reduce escalations, and reducing the most costly types of support cases takes the burden off support and success, freeing up resources to focus on knowledge base and user adoption initiatives.


From improved customer satisfaction to increased efficiency, reduced churn, better insights into customer needs, and improved team morale, consider adding escalation prediction signals to your Gainsight platform today by integrating with SupportLogic.

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