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No rip and replace: we work to integrate the unique parts of your organization so you can start acting on customer insights immediately.

Level Up Revenue Retention and Product Adoption with Support Signals

Add insights from your ticketing system directly to Gainsight, improving your customer relationships

Extract Customer Signals from Support Cases

Continuously Monitor Customer Issues

Get Notified on Cases Likely to Escalate

Track and Maintain Case Context

Get Notified of Negative Customer Sentiment

Act on Customer Churn Predictions

Pinpoint Product Adoption Issues

Take Advantage of Support Insights

When you connect SupportLogic, notable customer support events in your ticketing system are pushed to their corresponding customer accounts in Gainsight.

This allows your team to act quickly on negative sentiment, churn signals, and product adoption issues starting from your customers’ support interactions.

Built on What You Use

SupportLogic plugs into your existing customer support ticketing system. There’s no “rip and replace” or deep coding required.

We then connect to Gainsight with the API key provided by you. Our self-service design means control of your data always stays with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the Gainsight integration with SupportLogic?

Gainsight integration allows SupportLogic to connect with your Gainsight instance and send high-value alerts about customer health and other insights from your customer support tickets into the Gainsight timeline.

SupportLogic connects with your support ticketing system (Salesforce Service Cloud, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Microsoft Dynamics, ServiceNow, and so on), continuously monitors the support tickets and extracts customer signals (frustration, confusion, negative sentiments etc), maintains context (sentiment score, attention score) over time and predicts customer escalations in advance. Whenever SupportLogic detects a notable event, it will push the event to Gainsight and the customer account where this signal was detected.

To enable this, we recommend that you create a user in Gainsight with appropriate permissions. On the SupportLogic side, you can provide Gainsight connection details such as Gainsight domain, Gainsight API key, and the email of the user that created for this integration. Once the connection is established, SupportLogic will automatically push notable events to Gainsight.

Three types of events are currently supported:

  • Language patterns from support cases that indicate a customer churn risk
  • Predictions of cases that are Likely to Escalate (LTE)
  • Very negative sentiments expressed by the customer in support cases, such as Profanity, Frustration and Lack of Progress.

The SupportLogic integration with Gainsight will be available starting with Gainsight NXT.

SupportLogic syncs events to Gainsight as soon as they are detected.

SupportLogic employs a usage-based pricing model. Events published to Gainsight will be counted as Events API and charged 25 credits per event. Contact your Account Executive for full credit table details.

A SupportLogic alert is sent as an event to the Gainsight Timeline and displayed as an activity log on the screen. Event details include Event name, Event note (description), Activity Type (default to “Update”), Created By, Activity date, Internal Recipients, and External Recipients.

SupportLogic will register the LTE event in Gainsight. If the LTE prediction is later removed then no further events will be registered in Gainsight. However, if the user views the case in SupportLogic, they will be informed that the case is no longer predicted to escalate.

When a LTE case is reviewed and addressed inside of SupportLogic, on the Gainsight Timeline page the event will remain the same, but when the user opens it inside SupportLogic they will see the relevant status on the SupportHub timeline. In addition, the Escalation Review panel will display “View escalation review” instead of “Start escalation review”.

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