Apr 27, 2023

Why You Should Add Customer Sentiment Signals to Gainsight

Customer success is about managing the customer lifecycle:

  • Driving expected outcomes
  • Building customer relationships
  • Being proactive on issues and planning long term
  • Bringing the voice of the customer to product development

To do all this successfully, the best companies are removing blind spots, and looking at the customer journey from end-to-end – and that means leveraging the interactions that occur with customer support. 96% of customers report that customer service is essential in determining their loyalty to a brand, but that loyalty is owned by the customer success team.

What if you could pull negative sentiment signals, escalation predictions, and customer churn warnings right into Gainsight – and get a more complete picture of every customer’s account health?

This is holistic customer success.

SupportLogic extracts customer signals from your ticketing system and sends them directly in Gainsight, where your customer success team can act to improve your customer relationships. Beyond fixing potential escalations before they happen, here are four more reasons Gainsight gets even better with support insights:

SupportLogic sends AI-driven support insights and predictions as events to the Gainsight timeline, and pushes an overall Support Health Score

Make Your Support & Success Teams More Efficient

Integrating SupportLogic with Gainsight improves team efficiency, cutting down the silos between support and success. SupportLogic is proven to help teams prioritize and resolve issues more quickly, while Gainsight provides valuable customer data that can help support teams personalize their interactions and provide more effective support.

By combining these capabilities, you can reduce response times, improve first-call resolution rates, and improve overall team productivity. These support-centric benefits carry over to the customer success team, giving CS snapshots of support health in Gainsight BEFORE the big customer meeting and without sifting through tickets.

Understand and Act on Negative Sentiment

Account growth starts with improving the complete customer profile, and more and more that includes support interactions. 96% of customers report that customer service is essential in determining their loyalty to a brand, cutting costs and undermining the customer experience is a surefire way to lose customers.

Sending negative sentiment signals from SupportLogic to Gainsight helps increase customer satisfaction. By providing personalized support based on customer data and insights, you can improve the quality of customer interactions and provide a more positive experience. This leads to increased customer loyalty, higher customer retention rates, and increased revenue over time.

Pinpoint and Reduce Product Friction

Gainsight provides valuable information about customer health and product usage, while SupportLogic automates the customer health and product usage insights coming from your support cases. By combining these, you can develop more effective customer success strategies that focus on the complete product experience.

Reducing product friction is crucial, as 70% of customers say modern technology makes it easy for them to take their business elsewhere. Both Gainsight and SupportLogic make it easy to track and return to the moments of product friction expressed by your customers.

Enhance Your Customer Insights

Integrating SupportLogic and Gainsight gives customer success access to otherwise hidden customer insights. SupportLogic’s AI-powered platform analyzes every customer support interaction and identifies churn risks, potential escalations, and negative sentiment. By adding these insights to your Gainsight timeline, you gain a more comprehensive understanding of customers, their needs, and how they use your products.


It’s no longer possible to run a complete customer lifecycle without support insights. If you’re interested in taking your customer success operations to the next level, integrating SupportLogic and Gainsight can seriously enhance your operations.

From enhanced customer insights and improved support team efficiency to increased customer satisfaction, better customer success management, and reduced support costs, there are many compelling reasons to consider integrating these two platforms. 

Contact us today to see how it can benefit your Gainsight usage.

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