May 15, 2023

6 Gainsight Integrations to Improve Your Customer Success

In 2022, Salesforce surveyed over 13,000 consumers and found that 73% expect companies to “understand their unique needs and expectations” — a noticeable increase from 66% in 2020.

To meet these expectations, companies need to have a complete view of their customers’ interactions and experiences. This is where Gainsight integrations come in. When you integrate a customer success platform like Gainsight with other tools, your customer support team gains a complete view of your customers, making it easier to understand their needs and provide the personalized experiences they expect. With these insights, support teams will make more informed decisions, leading to better customer experiences and higher satisfaction.

SupportLogic: Stronger customer health with support insights

Customer success outcomes now depend on delivering a good support experience. In particular, lower resolution times and high assisted support satisfaction correlate to higher renewal rates. This is why Support and Success are better when the blinders are off and Success has visibility into the complete customer journey. Support + Success =

  • Unlocking customer support insights to improve the customer experience
  • Seeing when a customer is predicted to escalate or has a negative experience

SupportLogic’s Gainsight integration provides customer success teams valuable insights from customer support interactions. SupportLogic connects to your existing ticketing system and uses AI to extract and analyze customer sentiment signals from both structured and unstructured data and provides predictions, recommendations, and collaborative workflows from the analysis. It then pushes the following events to their respective customer accounts in Gainsight:

  • “Negative sentiment” signals
  • Signals predicting that a support case is “likely to escalate”
  • “Churn risk” signals 

These allow CSMs to proactively use support insights to:

  • Level up customer relationships
  • Reduce firefighting customer escalations
  • Boost revenue retention

This integration is for customer success teams who want to take the blinders off their organization’s support data and provide holistic customer success. If you really want the “360 view” of customer success, then you have to add support insights to the equation.

SupportLogic sends AI-driven support insights and predictions as events to the Gainsight timeline, and pushes an overall Support Health Score

Zendesk: Connect customer support and success

Zendesk, a leading customer support platform, offers customer support and success teams a powerful tool to improve their understanding of customer needs and experiences. Their Gainsight integration pulls Zendesk data, such as Tickets, Organizations, Users, and Brands, into Gainsight to give you full visibility of customer interactions. The integration syncs data like ticket status and priority, then creates strategic reports and triggers health scores based on support data to help your team make informed decisions.

With the Gainsight widget in Zendesk, customer success and support teams can create and link Call to Actions (CTAs) to Zendesk tickets, providing context for customer interactions and enabling faster issue resolution. Support teams can access Gainsight data like product usage, customer health score, and survey responses to get a complete picture of the customer’s status.

Support agents can also escalate complex issues to customer success teams within Zendesk. By collaborating with customer success teams, support teams will resolve issues more efficiently and provide a seamless customer experience.

Slack: Talk to a chatbot to get the latest customer intelligence

Slack’s Gainsight integration enables customer success teams to collaborate within their favorite apps using real-time customer insights. This AI-powered Slack bot, known as Sally, makes rich Gainsight data easily accessible through simple conversation and provides real-time data on customer health scores, Net Promoter Scores (NPS), CTA activity, and more. Users can chat with Sally like it’s a real person, while machine-learning algorithms help Sally get smarter after each conversation.

With a simple query, Sally will provide a summary of customer information, including ARR, users, health score, open cases, renewal date, NPS, and open CTAs, to give users a 360-degree view of a customer. Slack users can easily tag Sally and query from a channel directly, getting the response message in the same channel.

Slack’s Gainsight integration provides support and success teams with an intuitive and powerful tool for accessing the latest customer data, leading to improved customer outcomes and satisfaction. Customer success managers (CSMs) can ask Sally to show CTAs that are due today or overdue so they can plan their day accordingly. They can also address specific customer issues and escalate them to another team, like support or product, for more help — all from within Slack.

UserVoice: Bridge the gap between product and customer success teams

UserVoice, a product feedback and research platform, integrates with Gainsight to upgrade your customer success workflows with product feedback data. The integration captures customer feedback and associates it with the relevant account in Gainsight, providing an always-up-to-date view of an account’s requests and current status. Consolidating customer feedback streamlines communication about updates and requested features between product and customer-facing teams.

Using Gainsight data to generate a Health Score & Renewal Report from within UserVoice, CSMs can view ideas grouped by account health and browse accounts with upcoming renewals and their feedback. This report helps to deepen customer relationships by enabling customer success teams to share timely updates with customers, earn trust, and drive customer-centric outcomes.

Plus, customer requests provide contextual data, such as account type, revenue, and churn risk. This helps product teams prioritize requests from at-risk renewals to align product management, improvements, and updates with customer preferences.

Gong: Enhance the visibility of your customer interactions

The revenue intelligence platform Gong created a Gainsight integration that brings significant benefits to customer success teams. Their integration automatically logs meetings and records critical milestones across the customer journey that your team can access in one place.

The integration captures Gong recordings and other data, like trackers and external and internal attendees, in Gainsight to reduce redundant work. This frees customer success managers to focus on the conversation instead of taking notes. After automatically logging customer meetings, the integration will alert customer success teams to potential risks and opportunities.

This data also allows for better visibility of the entire customer lifecycle, including milestones like sales discussions, business reviews, and team performances. An example use case is CSMs leveraging these insights to lead renewal conversations with sales teams that drive retention and growth.

SurveyMonkey: Leverage insights from customer feedback

SurveyMonkey is a popular survey development platform that offers a Gainsight integration to help support and success teams gather essential customer insights. Importing and analyzing survey responses within Gainsight provides valuable information to help your teams make better business decisions about product development, marketing, pricing, and support experience.

With this integration, you can gather periodic feedback on products or processes through surveys focused on metrics like NPS, customer satisfaction, ROI, and more. You can also implement one-time or recurring syncs of SurveyMonkey responses so your team always has up-to-date information at their fingertips. The Survey Statistics, Response Report, and Text Analytics tools within Gainsight provide further analysis and insights into customer feedback.

Take customer success to the next level with the best Gainsight integrations

Customer success and support teams are vital in driving customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue growth for businesses. However, these teams cannot fully leverage their potential without access to comprehensive customer data.

Businesses that invest in Gainsight integrations can equip their support and success teams with the necessary data and tools to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Because Gainsight integrations collect and analyze customer data more effectively, these teams can simplify their workflows and focus on driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

To discover more Gainsight integrations that will help maximize the potential of your customer support and success teams, check out the Gainsight Marketplace and our listing.

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