SupportLogic SX Applications

Our SupportLogic SX platform and applications are designed to transform your support from reactive to proactive and predictive.

SX Predict

Escalation Prediction

Starting at $1 Per Ticket
  • Escalation Prediction
  • Escalations Management
  • Escalation Reports

SX Prevent

Support Operations

Starting at $1 Per Ticket
  • Support Console
  • Operations Management
  • MS Teams/Slack Integration
  • CRM Plugins
  • Backlog Management
  • Swarming & Collaboration
  • Support Analytics

SX Elevate

Agent Experience

Starting at $1 Per Ticket
  • Agent Coaching
  • AI Case Quality Assurance
  • Team Management
  • Case Evaluation
  • Intelligent Case Assignment

SX Retain

Customer Growth

Starting at $1 Per Ticket
  • Customer Sentiment Trends & Anomalies
  • Churn Analysis & Prediction
  • Account Management
  • Support Health Score

It’s time to elevate your customer experience with a transformed, proactive support experience

Protect and
Grow Revenue

Reduce escalations and churn, increase CSAT and loyalty to build more profitable, lifelong relationships.

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Turn Agents Into Superheroes

Supercharge your support team to be more proactive and productive; improve agent retention by coaching and motivating them

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Deliver a data-driven product strategy

Gather product feedback and usage information from every service interaction to optimize product roadmaps and user adoption

Uncover feature requests buried in case notes

Analyze usage trends to prevent churn

Equip engineering with unbiased product feedback

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