Mar 8, 2023

7 Freshdesk Integrations to Simplify Customer Support in 2023

Customers want a personalized experience in 2023. In fact, 70% of consumers expect interactions with AI-powered chatbots or human agents to have full context and provide a conversational experience. To deliver a superior level of service and streamline customer support, companies turn to solutions like Freshdesk.

Freshdesk, a tool from Freshworks, integrates with numerous apps to help you track and manage incoming tickets, collaborate with internal teams, automate redundant tasks, expand your customers’ self-service options, and offer seamless omnichannel support. 

We’ve rounded up seven great Freshdesk integrations to help you boost your customer service game.

SupportLogic: Take support from reactive to proactive

By the time a customer makes a complaint or reports an issue, it may be too late to remedy the cause of their unhappiness. SupportLogic is a solution designed to transform support from reactive to proactive by extracting real-time insights from customer interactions and predicting problems before they escalate.

Integrating SupportLogic and Freshdesk levels up your support operations with features like signal extraction and AI/ML analysis, churn and case escalation prediction, and agent coaching.

Bi-directional integration with SupportLogic means you can manage support cases and customers from within SupportLogic without switching back and forth between Freshdesk and SupportLogic. SupportLogic’s cloud-based intelligence and data connector layers over your CRM environment, building on your existing Freshdesk capabilities. Integration capabilities include being able to change the priority of a case, assign the case to a new agent, or create an escalation, all in one space.

Salesforce: Sync your help desk and CRM

Sales teams work hard to convince prospects to convert into paying customers. Whatever amazing experience they provide, support teams must keep up, so it’s essential that both departments work together. However, that’s often easier said than done. Enter the Salesforce and Freshdesk integration.

Salesforce is a popular CRM software that helps with sales, marketing, customer service, and more. Freshdesk integrates with the functionalities of Salesforce to bring help desk capabilities into your CRM—syncing support and sales teams. 

The integration allows new tickets in Freshdesk to be created inside Salesforce, and agents can access customer data and see where they are in the pipeline. This benefits support teams because they have access to customer information and can deliver a more personalized experience.

Data from your Freshdesk account is available on Salesforce (and vice versa) with this integration. Say a sales rep wants to pitch a new product feature to a customer, but the rep isn’t aware the customer recently raised a support ticket after experiencing issues with the original product. This would create an awkward, unpleasant experience for the customer. The integration connects the CRM and help desk, ensuring there are no lapses in customer communication like this and a more positive customer experience. 


Slack: Collaborate on tickets and simplify communication

They say teamwork makes the dream work, and integrating Slack and Freshdesk sets the stage for streamlined collaboration between teams.

Slack is a popular channel for support teams to communicate both internally and with outside organizations. The Freshdesk and Slack integration supports the ability to handle cases in real time because agents can do everything right in Slack without switching between apps. It also reduces the chance of issue escalations since agents don’t have to waste time going from Slack to Freshdesk hunting for information. 

New tickets in Freshdesk or updates to existing tickets trigger automated notifications in Slack channels. For example, if a customer asks a question about a deal being offered, the agent can tag someone from sales to make sure they have the most accurate information to relay to the customer.

Support agents can create and update tickets directly from Slack messages, add private notes, and respond to customers. Issues are resolved more promptly because Freshdesk tickets are automatically posted to their respective channels, including shipping and product management.

Jira: Close the loop with customers faster

When software development and customer support departments work in silos, customer issues fall through the cracks.

You can avoid miscommunication by integrating Freshdesk with Jira, an Atlassian bug-tracking tool that helps developers work more efficiently. The integration allows both teams to collaborate effortlessly and resolve customer issues faster. It connects bugs reported by customers on Freshdesk to issues in Jira, and product feedback is shared instantly in real time. 

In addition, whenever changes are made to tickets, you can sync comments and status updates from Jira right into Freshdesk. Having information synced in real time means support teams and developers have full access to tickets and their resolution stage.

When developers know what to prioritize and support agents know what stage a fix is at, that information can be relayed directly to the customer for a better experience. A more efficient process means teams don’t have to try and track one another down in order to get important information.

Shopify: Connect ecommerce and customer support

Shopify helps small businesses build online stores. As of 2023, more than 1.7 million merchants use it in over 175 countries, meaning many customers occasionally need help with their transactions.

The Shopify and Freshdesk integration makes it easy to provide outstanding customer service to shoppers who’ve made a purchase and now need support. The integration collects customer data from your Shopify store, including shipping information and recent orders, and brings it to Freshdesk, allowing agents to provide personalized customer support. 

Say a customer asks to cancel their order through Shopify. Support agents can fulfill the request right in Freshdesk and note the reason for the cancellation. Then, depending on your company policy, they can also issue a full or partial refund. 

Integrating Shopify and Freshdesk improves the workflow for agents by eliminating the need to switch between apps and streamlines communication with customers, allowing for meaningful service. Agents can also email customers via Freshdesk to gather feedback about their experience after an order is fulfilled through Shopify.

This integration is a powerful help desk tool for your ecommerce brand that allows you to provide quick and friendly support to customers.

Dropbox: Expand support capabilities through file sharing and storage

The ability to pull and view files from a centralized location like Dropbox is important for support agents who deal with customer issues every day. Used in tandem with a CRM like Freshdesk, Dropbox allows you to view and manage files and attachments as part of ticket responses. 

Dropbox lets you save, access, and organize photos and files online. Integrating it with Freshdesk expands the scope of the support tickets and how customers and agents can interact. 

For example, if a customer creates a ticket for a support issue, the Freshdesk and Dropbox integration lets them attach a photo or a screenshot to the ticket to explain their problem better. Or agents can send an invoice to customers in a PDF without worrying about the file size because Dropbox attachments aren’t stored in Freshdesk — they’re linked to their original source.

The Dropbox app for Freshdesk simplifies file sharing between your help desk and your Dropbox account, expanding conversational capabilities between support agents and customers. 

Microsoft Teams: Automate ticket workflows

Microsoft Teams is a messaging app that enables real-time collaboration with your team and other departments in your company. But it’s not just for video calls and sending gifs to coworkers (although many of us likely do that)—it’s a powerful tool that can be used to automate support ticket workflows when combined with solutions like Freshdesk.

Integrating Microsoft Teams and Freshdesk makes cross-team collaboration frictionless. It keeps you updated on tickets assigned to you in Freshdesk, meaning you can quickly share support tasks related to a ticket with anyone on your team, so they can provide more information to help solve an issue. This effortless communication allows you to resolve customer support issues faster.

The Microsoft Teams and Freshdesk integration lets you create and update support tickets directly on Microsoft Teams and connect with teams outside of Freshdesk on said tickets—all without switching apps. The integration also sends instant notifications when a customer replies, when ticket assignments are made, and more.

Optimize your customer support with Freshdesk integrations

This list of Freshdesk integrations is just a sample of the options available to help you maximize technology to improve and simplify your customer support operations in 2023 and beyond.

Check out the Freshdesk Marketplace to see other integrations for Freshdesk that can help your customer support team operate even more efficiently.

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