Aug 12, 2022

Proactive Support is Simply Smart CX

My Interview with CyberNews

Recently, I did an interview with CyberNews to discuss the history of SupportLogic, what we do, and what our vision is for the future of customer experience. It was a great discussion on a topic about which I am quite passionate, for obvious reasons. You can read the full article here. 

One of the key points discussed focusing on AI in support and how not all AI is created equal. Because SupportLogic is purpose-built for B2B support use cases, users can get greater benefits and more accurate predictions faster, and with less costs than by using generic AI tools or by putting in needless effort to build it themselves.  

We also discussed how major market shifts – such as the post-pandemic reality, the “great resignation” and the current economic uncertainty – all point to the need for a great support experience. Not only do B2B companies need to meet changing customer expectations, they also need to keep support professionals engaged and happy. The costs involved with agent attrition are higher than ever – both from the hard cost of hiring and training new agents, but also the potential detriment to the customer experience.  

The voice of the customer is always an integral factor in determining satisfaction metrics and analyzing the performance of both support and success teams. So, we discussed why it is so important to have a tool like SupportLogic, which analyzes every support interaction more deeply to create leading indicators around the voice of the customer, not lagging ones like surveys and NPS scores.  When you take a more proactive approach to support, especially in B2B companies, you are actually protecting your brand, protecting critical revenue, and enhancing the customer experience. I was happy to share my thoughts with the CyberNews team. Please check out the article, and I would love to hear your thoughts or comments.

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