Apr 14, 2023

7 Customer Support Quality Assurance Tools to Level Up Your Customer Interactions

Your quality assurance (QA) methods are tried and true, but at some point, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by the repetitive tasks. If any of these telltale signs sound familiar, that’s a good indicator that it’s time to upgrade your support process to an automated customer service quality assurance tool:

  • You’re spending more time analyzing customer interactions than implementing feedback and improving the support experience.
  • Your company is experiencing growth, and support can’t keep up with QA tasks or customer issues.
  • Your agents aren’t delivering on meeting your internal expectations.

You aim to learn, train, and deliver high-quality customer support when reviewing your support agents’ conversations, so you can keep up your quality management standards. To do that, you need customer service QA. To excel at that, you need automated QA.

Implementing an automated quality assurance solution is a must-have for support teams in 2023 and beyond. We’ve compiled a list of seven customer support quality assurance tools that will improve your support processes and the overall customer experience (CX). 

1. Auto QA from SupportLogic: Supercharge agent performance with real-time insights

SupportLogic acquired Emtropy Labs in early 2023 to add automated QA to their lineup of customer support solutions. 

SupportLogic’s Auto QA generates predicted scores for QA, customer satisfaction (CSAT), and customer effort (CES) for 100% of your cases. The dashboard also shows manual QA workflows in case you’d like to operate using a mix of manual and automated quality monitoring processes.

Other features include a detailed analysis of all your support cases based on signals like skills and behaviors. Tickets are then triaged and categorized based on tags and scores, saving you time so you can prioritize the most important issues. With Auto QA, you also benefit from AI-suggested case highlights and voice/speech analytics that infer a customer’s tone of voice, allowing you to get a true reading of a conversation’s status. These analytics provide real-time coaching insights—if an agent is struggling with specific types of interactions, Auto QA will let you know, and you’ll be able to create a coaching program designed to tackle that issue.

Automated quality assurance is just one of the tools SupportLogic offers to help bolster your customer support operations. With a multi-purpose platform that charges based on what you use, you can consolidate your support operations tools with fewer integrations, spend more efficiently, and ensure the tools you’re using interlock and work cohesively. 

This means access to sentiment analysis, escalation management, backlog management, account health scores, and so much more. So while you’re improving your quality monitoring game with Auto QA, you can also tap into the rest of these support operations management tools to scale your team.

2. MaestroQA: Create a coaching culture to humanize digital processes

MaestroQA knows a good support tool gives you a bird’s-eye view of the entire customer support process and provides a platform for coaching sessions with agents. Solid coaching allows agents to learn from each interaction and deliver personalized, empathetic experiences for the customer’s benefit. It also means you always know how your team is performing.

With MaestroQA’s Screen Capture feature, you can shadow agents’ workflows by observing screen recordings of their interactions to see how they handle tickets, allowing you to have a complete picture of your team’s performance. You’re also able to assign content like training courses or quizzes from your LMS and add coaching points and other notes or suggestions to tickets you can view side-by-side.

MaestroQA also automatically assigns tickets to graders, standardizes your scorecards, and collects insights on gaps in the customer experience. This allows you to find the root cause of low customer satisfaction metrics and take actionable steps to boost CSAT so it matches QA.

3. Klaus: Align internal quality with customer feedback

In addition to having a cool cat (aptly named Klaus) as the face of its brand, Klaus’ AI-powered QA tool helps support managers understand the relationship between QA, CSAT, NPS, and FCR.

Klaus filters conversations with positive or negative sentiment, determines critical discussions that need review, creates personalized scorecards that reflect your needs, and reviews conversations wherever they occur.

With Klaus, you can track KPIs and benchmarks to ensure consistent performance and identify knowledge gaps, recurring issues, or agents in need of additional training. You can also boost morale with frequent and actionable feedback through data-driven coaching.

Seeing your help desk interactions through Klaus allows you to spot trends and eliminate blind spots.

4. EvaluAgent: Engage agents in the QA process

EvaluAgent believes that the better the agent, the better the customer experience. And EvaluAgent’s key feature is right in its name—it boasts the ability to increase your QA’s productivity by 285%, thanks to a streamlined evaluation process. 

These evaluations let you offer practical solutions and development opportunities to help your agents improve. They also give agents an active voice by providing the chance to appeal the results of an evaluation. EvaluAgent’s Call Player and Ticket Viewer speed up the assessment process—you can listen to calls, pause, and rewind right from the same screen where you’re conducting the evaluation. 

Smart Triggers is a feature that helps you level up your onboarding and training. It auto-assigns relevant courses that you’ve integrated into EvaluAgent when an agent needs them. EvaluAgent also lets you build custom omnichannel scorecards to ensure agents meet the internal standards you’ve set. You can use existing scorecards or choose from EvaluAgent’s template library.

Additionally, EvaluAgent automates many of the QA tasks—like sending notifications to evaluators’ inboxes about evaluations that need to be completed—that take your time away from more critical tasks. 

5. Aprikot: No muss, no fuss QA

Aprikot is targeted toward support teams that want a more effortless QA experience. It’s a simple but powerful Google Chrome extension that integrates with your chosen CRM. 

With Aprikot, you can complete your QA tasks without leaving your open Google Chrome window— provide ticket reviews and feedback to your agents, assign scores, and leave comments.

Aprikot also lets you quickly look up insights like agent or team performance by date, ticket number, or agent, so you can study trends and find both areas for improvement and areas where your agents are killing it.

Aprikot wants you to be able to focus on what matters most in delivering excellent customer support, including actionable feedback. You can use Apriokot’s pre-configured rubric or create your own customized version.

6. Summatti: Omnichannel analytics empowers customer support

Summatti analyzes 100% of the interactions across all your customer support channels to help you track agent performance and identify accurate CSAT and NPS scores. Whether it’s chat, phone, social media, or email, Summatti collects insights from every interaction. 

Summatti allows you to predict escalations and identify patterns to improve CX. It automatically fills out scorecards for agents based on interactions, so you get real-time insights to identify coaching opportunities.

Summatti automatically tags tickets based on your priorities. From there, you can flag critical tickets or notify the respective agent. All of the collected insights can be found on Summatti’s intuitive, customizable dashboard, allowing you to see the status of agents and customers at any given time.

7. Scorebuddy: Elevate your call center’s QA with scorecards, not spreadsheets

Scorebuddy QA is ready to help support managers as their company’s business grows and, with it, their volume of work. This means ditching spreadsheets for scorecards. Create different scorecard designs and formats based on your needs and how you want your information organized, including numeric, non-numeric, or pass/fail.

With Scorebuddy, you can streamline your contact center operations and efficiency by searching conversation topics through AI analytics. This helps reduce your time spent on quality reviews while increasing their accuracy because you’re able to see how agents perform in specific situations and pinpoint the scenarios that need to be promptly addressed.

Other notable features include self-scoring for agents, automated workflows, and the Smart QAs topics engine that analyzes all customer conversations, so you can understand why customers are calling. Knowing the root cause behind customer calls allows you to address specific concerns and maintain internal standards.

Swap your manual QA for automated customer service quality assurance tools

The best way to find the right customer service quality assurance tool for your team’s needs is to do your research and, when possible, take your options for a test drive. Many QA software companies, including SupportLogic, provide free demos for customer service teams.

Explore a demo of Auto QA and see the benefits of AI-driven coaching insights in real time. 

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