Auto QA: Monitor the Quality of Every Customer Interaction and Scale Your Support Team

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Remove the Friction

Auto QA allows you to monitor every channel, using voice-to-text technology and custom rubrics to QA every single support interaction. Your agents are coached and developed continuously, getting suggestions and coaching in real-time on every case.

The outcome of all this? Scaling your support team while avoiding sacrificing quality and customer experience.

In this webinar replay you’ll learn:

  • How Auto QA solves your QM needs, allowing you to confidently QA 100% of your cases and accurately predict customer satisfaction metrics.
  • Why Auto QA was built and how it works
  • How Auto QA compliments the capabilities possible with SupportLogic SX


Harish Batlapenumarthy
Vice President, Product and Ecosystems, SupportLogic

Joe Andrews

Joe Andrews
Chief Marketing Officer, SupportLogic

Elevate Your Support Experience

Reduce escalations and cut through backlog to increase customer retention and revenue