Auto QA: Monitor the Quality of Every Customer Interaction and Scale Your Support Team

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Remove the Friction

Auto QA allows you to monitor every channel, using voice-to-text technology and custom rubrics to QA every single support interaction. Your agents are coached and developed continuously, getting suggestions and coaching in real-time on every case.

The outcome of all this? Scaling your support team while avoiding sacrificing quality and customer experience.

In this webinar replay you’ll learn:

  • How Auto QA solves your QM needs, allowing you to confidently QA 100% of your cases and accurately predict customer satisfaction metrics.
  • Why Auto QA was built and how it works
  • How Auto QA compliments the capabilities possible with SupportLogic SX


Harish Batlapenumarthy
Vice President, Product and Ecosystems, SupportLogic

Joe Andrews

Joe Andrews
Chief Marketing Officer, SupportLogic