Jan 25, 2023

Emtropy + SupportLogic: Empowering the next generation of Support Experience powered by AI

Every time I call customer support, I hear ‘this call is being recorded for quality assurance purposes’, but the quality of support is woefully lacking. 

As a deep believer in outstanding customer experience being a significant moat, and not just a necessary cost, at Emtropy Labs, we set out to leverage AI and data to help fix the ‘support quality’ problem. 

Over the last few years, our team built market-leading tech powered by proprietary AI models to help automate the customer support QA process and drive real-time agent coaching insights. As one of our users put it eloquently, “Emtropy takes a lot of the data collection/searching for coaching examples out of the equation, which frees me up to dive in and effectively find trends in behaviors that can lead to positive member experiences”. 

We addressed high-volume, low-complexity B2C support cases. At SupportLogic, Krishna and team attacked the other end of the spectrum, helping de-escalate highly complex support cases for B2B technology businesses. SupportLogic has built a stellar product that’s used by the likes of Salesforce, Palo Alto Networks, and Aruba Networks with outstanding results.

I am happy to bring our tech, team, and passion to expand the product footprint at SupportLogic and help our customers achieve strong customer retention and low agent churn with well coached, de-stressed, and happy agents. 

The next time you hear ‘this call is being recorded’ – and if that company uses SupportLogic software – be assured that the call/email/chat interaction is not just being recorded but is being analyzed to help your next interaction be that much smoother. 

Please read the press release here.

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