Jul 27, 2022

Creating the Future of Support

I’ve never been so excited as I am right now to be joining SupportLogic. And that’s saying something, as I’ve loved every role I’ve held in the support industry over the past 30 years. Across all of my roles in support, customer success and professional services – while each role was unique, there was one common thread: the need to provide outstanding support and service to every customer.   

I’ve been blessed to have spent my career working for organizations such as Salesforce, MuleSoft, TSIA, and Oracle, to name a few. I’ve seen firsthand the impact SupportLogic provides for support organizations as a direct customer and as a member of the SupportLogic Customer Advisory Board. I’ve heard from many support executives about what they’ve been able to do with SupportLogic’s products, and I now look forward to working with my industry peers as more and more continue to implement these game-changing products. 

Support’s Day in the Sun

Never before in our industry has support had the opportunity it has today….the potential to truly transform and reinvent how it enables their customers, the business, and their employees. The unfortunate reality is that the pandemic changed everyone’s world in deep and meaningful ways. The stress footprint introduced by Covid exceeds anything we have ever experienced, and yet support organizations responded to that stress in ways that seemed unimaginable.  

Support leaders have proven once again what they and their teams are capable of, but now our C-Level Executives have taken more notice. There is good and bad in the attention support is now receiving. The good: support is having its long sought-after “day in the sun”. The bad: the attention now comes with a “show us what more you can do” mentality.  What a great day to be in support! Because there is one inherent truth – support organizations always rise to the challenge and never stray from the difficult.   

So what’s next?  

We are all familiar with the days of support being a cost center or a break-even organization— funded and staffed at the minimum levels. We are familiar with short-term investments leading to short-term gains, the requests from internal and external teams to make the noise go away, make the escalations stop, retain the staff, keep the customers happy – the list goes on. But the new support paradigm is not that list; it’s not waiting for customers to run into issues. It’s finding issues before customers encounter them. It’s about making ‘proactive’ the only way to support customers. It’s reducing the effort for customers and staff, and it’s about providing a value to the entire company unlike ever before.   

Transforming the Support Experience with SupportLogic

Enter SupportLogic. Solutions envisioned and built by our founder, Krishna Raj Raja. Who better to solve the issues faced by support than someone who has worked deep within the Support organization? Krisha knew the support function historically had been sitting on millions of threads of data, but that very few support organizations were using that data correctly. He envisioned ways to get this data to the entire business (sales, customer success, services, product, etc.) and allow the entire organization to be more efficient while truly improving the support experience. Being able to finally flip the switch to proactive support, using data to make decisions, channeling sentiment to get ahead of escalations – these approaches are all now possible. It’s no longer a pipe dream, it’s a reality.

The work to reduce the customer and support employee stress footprint is not for the faint of heart, but SupportLogic is here to help. A transformed Support Experience across the industry is our North Star and we will work tirelessly with and for our customers to help them achieve it. I’m honored to be a part of this company that is going to forever be known for revolutionizing the Support Experience.

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