Are you looking to harness the power of AI to revolutionize your customer support and success?

Join us on Tuesday, June 18 to learn what makes an AI platform truly enterprise-grade and ready for seamless adoption in your organization.

In this session, we’ll break down the key components that define a robust, secure, and effective AI solution:

  • Seamless data integration
  • Cutting-edge AI development
  • Uncompromising security
  • An easy-to-adopt, user-friendly platform

We’ll draw on industry standards and real-world examples to provide a clear framework for evaluating and implementing effective AI tools in your business.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the full potential of AI for your customer support and success.

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Max Greene
Sr. Customer Success Manager,

Ryan Radcliff
Solutions Marketing,

SX focused companies use SupportLogic

About SupportLogic SX

The Continuous Support Experience Platform

  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing ticketing system
  • Read every ticket and automatically extract signals using AI/NLP
  • Maintain context across conversational and ticket boundaries
  • Predict outcome and provide proactive recommendations with intelligent workflows
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