Oct 3, 2023

Transforming Agent Productivity with Contextual Generative AI

Generative AI is becoming table stakes in customer support. How your support team works, engages, and gets things done will depend on the speed at which your software systems can integrate contextual generative AI.

What’s exciting is that, with the right processes and tools, support teams will be able to get more done and feel more accomplished. In this new era, the working experience that you create for the support team will have a direct impact on the customer experience and your company’s competitive advantage.

The Era of Contextual Generative AI is Here

The hallucination effect is one of the big stumbling blocks for generative AI solutions built to assist support agents with customer engagement. For AI developers, building trust in an application meant to represent an agent starts with creating a system that mimics one’s personality, style, and approach to work. 

How does one build trust in generative AI? With a transparent and consistent approach and that is simple to understand and adopt. There begins the journey of iteration, where trust is built by the number of tasks correctly completed using generative AI-powered workflows. 

Consistency over perfection is the key to developing trust in applications that generate content – and consistently improving them over time. The AI developers that are laser-focused on addressing hallucinations and building trust by providing consistent generative AI capabilities will define the next era of solving customer issues. 

How Do We Define Contextual Generative AI?

Contextual Generative AI is the charter for how we build generative AI services at SupportLogic. It governs how LLMs (large language models) are trained, reinforced with human behavior, and prompted to define the quality of the outcomes. At SupportLogic, building secure, reliable, and easy-to-adopt generative AI services and applications is essential to building trust. LLMs will be commoditized – so how one processes data, constructs prompts, evaluates outcomes, and seamlessly reinforces the result will be the difference-makers in delivering an experience that is trusted and adopted. 

Overview of how contextual generative AI services interact with SupportLogic’s predictive AI.

Workflows as the Key

“AI won’t replace humans, but humans with AI will replace humans.” 

The success of a support agent’s work is assessed on metrics like time to response, time to resolution, count of cases resolved, and count of knowledge articles created. The ultimate goal of contextual generative AI tools is to help agents achieve a much higher velocity, quality, and impact across these metrics – outpacing a traditional support staff. Generative AI-based tool usage will be table stakes for high-value job applicants, leading to better employment opportunities. 

At SupportLogic, we are building an agent experience that provides support agents with these superpowers. With the launch of generative AI tools in Agent SX, support agents can now build case context using automated case summaries and lean on generative AI-powered responses to solve customer problems faster and better:

These real-world workflows are just the beginning to enabling support agents and engineers to learn new skills as they solve customer problems more efficiently. Join the excitement – sign up for Agent SX today by using your Salesforce credentials.

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