Mar 28, 2022

Why Support Experience is Going to Make or Break Your Organization this Decade

I started my career in technical support, having the good fortune of being the first hire for VMware in India and helping them build their first support team. My deep technical background gave me a unique perspective on what it takes to deliver a great customer experience and the need for strong collaboration between support, engineering, product and customer success teams. I used to read thousands of customer interactions every week, glean insights and echo the voice of the customer back to support and product, engineering, sales and customer success teams.

Customers are constantly providing us with their feedback but the pain is that the true voice of the customer is trapped within the confines of ticketing systems and organizational silos. Back then we didn’t have AI and I was looking for a way to replace myself with a software solution.

Today we live in a subscription economy where everything is delivered as a service. Product-led growth (PLG) has become the dominant go-to market motion. For product-led companies, support is often the first touch point. If you don’t deliver a consistent support experience you run the risk of losing the customer. Customer support is not a cost center anymore, they impact your revenue, product adoption and customer LTV. Companies can no longer afford to operate support as a break-fix function. The opportunity to transform support organizations to meet customer challenges is in front of all of us…


That’s why I’m excited to be hosting the first SX Live conference. SX Live is the first industry conference dedicated to the topic of support experience. It’s meant for any stakeholder involved in delivering, enabling, and benefiting from customer support outcomes.

That includes support leaders, managers and front-line agents directly interacting with customers. It also includes upstream stakeholders like product and engineering teams who can glean critical insights from the support experience to improve their products. And downstream stakeholders like customer success and account managers who must retain and grow customer relationships and revenue.

Compelling content for leaders and practitioners

We’ve designed the conference to cover key parts of the support experience over three days. We’ll combine thought-provoking keynotes with practical how-to presentations and expert panels, with the goal of bringing together great minds and experiences from different companies, roles and industries.

Day 1 is all about defining support experience – What is it, why it’s important, what are the components of it. How does it impact revenue? How are leading companies addressing it today? What’s planned for the future?

Day 2 is about how support experience aligns with the rest of the organization. How it intersects with engineering, product-led growth strategies, with customer success, and with other customer-facing teams. And finally, how it’s a CxO priority.

Day 3 is about empowering and enabling support engineers and agents. Support has always been a function that struggles with employee turnover due to job stress and a perceived lack of career progression. With the ‘Great Resignation’ this issue has become a lot worse. We’ll have sessions focused on how to better coach and mentor agents, provide more career opportunities, and how to maximize engagement and employee retention.

SX Live is an industry conference, not a vendor conference

SupportLogic is proud to be a core part of this movement, of course. But the interest in the support experience is much bigger than us! That’s why we’re proud to have many of the major software category leaders joining us to speak and participate – Coveo, Gainsight, Meta, Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, ServiceNow, Snowflake, Workday, Zendesk – all of these great companies are stakeholders in creating the future of support experience.

We’re also proud to partner with industry analysts, associations and technology delivery firms like ASP, TSIA, BCG, Genpact, CSS. We’re just at the beginning of this movement, and expect SX Live to grow considerably over the coming years.

Please join us!

Sign up today – it’s easy – and it’s free. There’s a topic of interest for everyone. Once you register, you’ll have access to any and all of the live content, plus everything on-demand. That’s it! Please share it with your colleagues and peers. We’ll get closer to our full potential when we get broad representation from across functions, roles, and industries.

I’d love to hear from you. What you’re most excited about, what you’d love to see more of, etc.

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