Mar 23, 2023

SX Live 2023 is Here! Five Reasons to Join the Only Conference Dedicated to Support Experience

The support industry has been undergoing a major transformation. While there’s been a decade plus of Customer Success and CX evangelism, today more and more companies are investing in a proactive Support Experience that directly improves customer outcomes and key company financial metrics. 

Last year, in April 2022, we hosted the inaugural SX Live, the first ever conference dedicated to Support Experience. It included insightful content from industry experts all focused on transforming the impact of support within their organizations. You can watch any session on-demand here.

Some of the positive participant feedback from last year’s event

SX Live was a success, with participation from over 1,600 leaders and practitioners representing over 850 companies. We heard positive feedback from attendees with a consistent theme of “it’s about time we had a conference exclusively focused on the support industry.”

Today, we’re excited to officially announce SX Live 2023, June 13-15. 

We’re building on the great foundation from last year, and some would say we’re even ‘doubling down’. Here are five reasons to get excited and register (for free) today:

1. Three days of relevant content 

All delivered virtually, so you can select sessions to watch live and catch others on-demand to fit your schedule. 

  • Day 1, June 13, will focus on the Support Experience and its role in transforming businesses and delivering an excellent customer experience.
  • Day 2, June 14, will be filled with best practice success stories in cross-functional collaboration e.g. support and customer success.
  • Day 3, June 15, will be geared towards how to level-up the support organization in terms of performance, coaching, productivity. 

The content will include a mix of presentations and panel discussions in convenient 30-45 minute blocks, with relevance towards support roles at all levels from executive leaders, managers, and engineers. The content will also be extremely relevant to peer functions that work closely with support like customer success, product, and engineering.

2. Compelling keynotes from industry thought leaders

We have announced two keynote speakers so far and more to be added:

  • Tricia Wang, Co-founder of Sudden Compass and CRADL, The Crypto Research and Design Lab, is a tech ethnographer obsessed with designing equity into systems. She will be speaking about how human insights, big data and AI all play a role in support experience 
  • John Ragsdale, Distinguished Researcher, VP Technology Ecosystems, TSIA. John advises many technology clients on the selection and value realization of tools and platforms. He will speak about the technology ecosystem and its focus on improving customer experience.

3. You can join as a speaker and share your wisdom with industry peers

Our call for speakers is currently open! We encourage everyone who’s interested to share their knowledge, best practices and ‘how-to’ playbooks on topics like:

  • Support operations efficiency
  • Technology and use of AI 
  • Coaching and quality monitoring
  • Support transformation
  • Industry-specific topics

Aside from support leaders and practitioners, we also invite speakers with a diversity of functional expertise across the organization who share a common vested interest in the quality of support experience – from customer success, product, and CXOs who are driving business transformation initiatives where customer experience is critical.

4. Recognize your team members, industry peers, and vendors with a Support Experience Award

We are announcing the first Support Experience awards to recognize organizations, teams, and individuals for their performance in delivering exceptional customer experience and transforming the role of support. The categories include awards for both teams and individuals:

  • Customer Experience (team)
  • Organizational Influence (team)
  • Employee Experience (team)
  • Self Service (team)
  • Technology Adoption (team)
  • Customer Hero (individual)
  • Transformational Coach (individual)
  • Transformational Leader (individual)

5. Bring your whole team to learn and grow together

Unlike many technology and industry conferences that are focused on one single persona and role, SX Live is for the whole support organization, as well as closely adjacent functions with a vested interest in Support Experience, like customer success, product, and engineering.

SX Live also has content geared for all levels of the organization – last year we had a good mix of C-level, VP, directors, managers, and individual practitioners. We’ve decided to keep the conference virtual to reach a broader audience, making it more convenient for those who can’t all travel or have the budget or ability to be away from their home/office for 3 days. 

We’ve also heard that people in the industry have missed face-to-face interaction and we agree 100%. This is why we’ve added the SX Live City Tours in seven North American Cities this year. We’re kicking off next week in Seattle and Austin.

That’s our SX Live plan in a nutshell. Whether you are in the support function, a friend of support, or an industry sponsor looking to engage with support, there’s a role for you to play at SX Live 2023.

Register today with your teams and let’s make the 2nd Annual SX Live the best event it can be!

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