Oct 3, 2022

Join Us in Celebrating Customer Service Week!

Customer service and support agents are some of the most important facets of any company’s customer experience strategy. They should be valued and celebrated every day. But, this week – it’s extra special. Customer Service Week celebrates support agents and managers – the true front line warriors of your brand experience. 

To celebrate we’re “giving back” to the support agent community with some great content aimed at helping any agent or manager take their support game to the next level. Check them all out HERE.

Every day this week we’ll be revealing some greater content and even some awesome tools that agents can use to better attack their case backlog – for free!  

We’re holding a webinar with some great advice on how agents can ramp up faster, and managers can better engage with their agents – all while reducing busy work by 60-90%. That’s right – 90%! Register here and join us on Thursday October 6th. 

We have a cool new infographic focused on how agents can “power up” their game – that any retro gamer will love. Check it out below:

We will be dropping all sorts of “gifts” all week, so follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for all the updates.

And to all the agents and managers out there – thank you for all that you do!  This week is for you!

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