Reduce Agent and Case Review Time with AI

Yes, by 90%

Join us on October 6th to see how SupportLogic is making life easier for Support Managers and their teams.

It’s been said that in support, a good employee experience equals a good customer experience. But how can you be sure your support professionals are performing at the top of their game, every time.

Traditional quality monitoring methods are highly manual and arduous, and only allow managers to review a small sample of cases. Plus, by the time evaluations are performed, the context and ability to really learn is diminished for the agent.

But what if you could analyze 100% of an agent’s cases and deliver real-time, contextual coaching and evaluations?

That’s the beauty of SupportLogic’s agent and case evaluation tools – leveraging AI and machine learning to serve up the best cases for managers to review, and offer a streamlined, foolproof tool to perform evaluations.

22.10 NA DWEB - Reduce Agent and Case Review Time (#44)

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Streamline Agent Evaluations and Case Reviews

In this session, we’ll detail how SupportLogic’s technology makes it easier for managers to evaluate agents, onboard new agents, and help their teams feel more valued and supported. We’ll also reveal:

  • How you can reduce time spent evaluating cases by up to 60-90%
  • The benefits of analyzing 100% of cases versus manual approaches
  • How AI can make recommendations to managers on how best to address evaluations

This will be an interactive session with a live demo of SupportLogic’s breakthrough technology. Join us on October 6th to see the future of agent quality monitoring for yourself!


Martin Schneider
Chief Evangelist, SupportLogic

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  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing ticketing system
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