Jul 13, 2023

Introducing the SX Live Library: All the best support experience content on-demand

Today we’re launching the SX Live Library, our new on-demand content platform for all SX Live content. In case you missed SX Live in June – the second annual industry event for support and success professionals focused on Support Experience, videos of over 30 speaker presentations and panel discussions are now available here: https://library.sxlive.com/.

What’s New

SupportLogic is investing in an “owned media” strategy in partnership with AudiencePlus to deliver a Netflix-like content experience to our audience. For too long, content like this has been locked in the silos of boring content delivery sites. Think about how technology vendors (including ourselves) have typically pushed content at you through paid and rented channels -> an ad, email or a social media post pushes you to a resources page with a link to view or download, often with a landing page and registration form. 

Many of the audience members we speak with who care about “Support Experience” – typically senior support and/or CX leaders – are interested in learning new techniques and best practices from their peers. This is what SX Live is all about – capturing authentic content from industry leaders and sharing how they’re driving real change in their organizations. The new platform makes learning easier.

Our SX Live Journey

We started SX Live as an industry conference two years ago focused on the simple idea that support professionals want to network and talk with others like them to learn how to improve their support – from internal operations to external customer experience and outcomes to employee development and agent experience.

The first year’s event was held virtually due to the pandemic and were pleasantly surprised by the interest in participating live and on-demand. We’ve since added a series of in-person city tours and held the second virtual event in June. During the past year, over 2,500 unique audience members worldwide have engaged with SX Live content. Our latest event had over 50 speakers from leading companies speaking about generative AI, collaboration between support and customer success, and agent experience. 

Now we’re proud to bring you this amazing content for your own consumption. Most content is available entirely ungated, and by simply subscribing with an email address, you’ll access exclusive content and a media experience catered to your role and interests. 

We’re at the beginning of our own content journey together with AudiencePlus. Over time, you’ll see new content added regularly across different mediums and the algorithm will provide content recommendations personalized for you. We will also be bringing our SupportLogic resources over to the platform so you won’t have to unnaturally search for a white paper again. We believe this is forward progress and we’d love to know what you think.

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