Jun 13, 2023

SupportLogic Unveils Generative AI Product Direction to Deliver the Next-Gen Customer Support Tech Stack

SupportLogic’s enhanced 2023 Support Experience platform roadmap adds enterprise-grade, secure generative AI capabilities to proactively boost agent productivity, improve operational efficiency, and increase customer revenue retention.

San Jose, Calif. — June 13, 2023SupportLogic, the world’s first Support Experience (SX™) management platform, today unveiled its 2023 product direction roadmap at the SX Live conference as it begins to roll out generative AI-powered features designed to further elevate and empower customer support teams and other customer-facing functions within the organization. 

With the rapid emergence of generative AI technology, businesses are experiencing an unprecedented acceleration in the velocity of change. These innovations present many opportunities and challenges for enterprises who are looking to leverage these technologies in their customer support function in a trusted and secure way.

“SupportLogic is trusted by some of the world’s best and largest technology brands. Our predictive AI has always been an integral part of our ability to extract and analyze customer signals that improve the support experience for our customers,” said SupportLogic founder and CEO, Krishna Raj Raja. “We’re excited to augment our platform with new generative AI capabilities, which further deepens our commitment to help our customers adopt these technologies in a secure and trusted way.”

SupportLogic’s new product direction includes four discrete sets of capabilities designed to add the power of generative AI and complement its current large language models (LLMs) and domain-specific small language models (SLMs) architecture. 

2023 SupportLogic gen-AI direction highlights include:

  • Agent assist: Offers tonality, grammar assistance, compliance, and soft skills coaching to customer support professionals. It enables agents to prioritize cases, transcribe calls, track customer commitments, and collaborate with screen recording. This feature is planned for release in Summer 2023.
  • Language translation abilities: Offers real-time, bi-directional language translation capabilities, with sentiment and keyword detection, and response assistance. They allow support organizations to effectively build a global team without any language constraints. This feature is planned for release in the second half of 2023.
  • Case and account summarization: Provides rollup summaries of support cases and account health. The summary features enable CS leaders and executives in the company to get up to speed quickly on customer activity without relying on support operations to generate custom reports. These features are planned for release in the second half of 2023.
  • Unified bionic dashboard: Provides a unified view of Support Experience and operational metrics across disparate systems of record, systems of engagement, and observability of both human and virtual agents. With this capability, support management teams can avoid costly data migrations from having to integrate multiple ticketing systems. This feature is planned for release in the second half of 2023.
2023 SupportLogic Generative AI Direction

Raja added, “SupportLogic has been one of the early adopters of LLMs. We are excited about the technological progress and the interest and progress in this space, as well as customer demand.”

To discover more about how SupportLogic’s AI-powered tools are primed to revolutionize customer support, see SupportLogic: How it Works. SupportLogic will share a detailed presentation on its generative AI roadmap during the SX Live conference on Thursday, June 15, 2023, at 9:30 am PST. More details can be found here:

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SupportLogic delivers the world’s first support experience (SX) management platform that enables companies to proactively understand and act on the voice of the customer to build healthy relationships and maximize customer lifetime value. SupportLogic SX uses AI to extract and analyze customer sentiment signals from both structured and unstructured data and provides recommendations and collaborative workflows. SupportLogic is helping global enterprises like Databricks, Qlik, Nutanix, Rubrik, and Snowflake to prevent customer escalations, reduce churn and elevate the customer support experience. To learn more, visit


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