Overcoming Challenges to Single-Tier Support with Intelligent Case Swarming

The benefits to moving to a single-tier support model with a swarming model attached are significant. Single-tier models with adjacent swarming initiatives can shorten the onboarding cylce, reduce case resolution times, and increase employee and customer satisfaction.

In today’s volatile economy, shortening onboarding and increasing agent retention creates significant cost savings in addition to improving customer retention metrics – which leads to further savings.

Despite these potential benefits, only 30% of TSIA members have moved to collaborative support, with many companies unsure how to get started from both a technology and change management perspective.

In this webinar, we will discuss practical steps your support team can take to smoothly transition to a swarming model.

In this informative session we will discuss:

  • Overcoming legacy attitudes and process to single-tier/swarming models
  • How to sell the value of single-tier internally
  • How modern technology can support the transition
  • Best practices for a smooth project rollout
  • What a successful swarming initiative looks like in practice

Don’t miss this opportunity to glean some real-world insights from a successful swarming initiative!

On Demand Coming Friday, August 12