Why Now Is the Time To Double Down On Proactive Support

(And why it makes financial sense to do so!)

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A Long-Awaited Shift

The support industry has been talking about shifting to more proactive models for some time now. But after major global disruptions and market shifts, is now the best time to actually make good on the promise of proactive support?

Judith Platz and Steve Blaz sure think so.

In this recording from TSIA World: Envision | Las Vegas, they explain why now is an ideal time to transform your support operations. They discuss how technology and policy can align to ensure the transition is smooth. And they lay out how adopting new perspectives – and metrics – can make support the CFO’s favorite department.

Finally, Steve and Judith will touch on how Palo Alto Networks leveraged cutting-edge technology to improve support outcomes and employee satisfaction.

Judith Platz - Chief Customer Officer at SupportLogic

Judith Platz
Chief Customer Officer

Steve Blaz
VP, Global Customer Support
Palo Alto Networks