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Leadership Perspective

Surviving Stress in Support: Three Steps to Address Warning Signs to Nurture Your Employee Experience

Employee stress is a serious issue in the workplace. It can impair your employees’ ability to provide quality customer service and cause them to feel overwhelmed by their workload.

The key to a happy and productive workforce is understanding the warning signs of employee stress.

Julie Hutchinson, Founder, and CEO of Core Performance, LLC, outlines how to identify those warning signs and describe methods for de-stressing your workforce and driving superior experiences.

Julie Hutchinson
Founder & CEO,
Core Performance

Panel Discussion

Emerging Trends and Practices In Customer Support

The customer support landscape has been in flux for the past decade. Amid shifting business models that require higher investment in support to secure recurring revenues, a global pandemic that fundamentally changed how we work, and now emerging economic volatility – the only constant has been change.

Navigating this new environment does not have to be an arduous task. Today, there are new methodologies and technologies to elevate the support experience that anyone can leverage inside their organizations.

Our executive panel, moderated by Omid Razavi, discuss specific trends and how their organizations are creating new opportunities and tackling the challenges.