Making the Business Case to Invest in AI for Support Experience

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Learn the Benefits. Make Your Case.

Benefits of AI include reduced volume and cost of escalations, accelerated time to resolution, increased customer retention and revenue, and improved customer and agent experiences. Or put simply, a leveled up Support Experience.

In this webinar replay, Rebecca Wettemann from Valoir with SupportLogic’s Judith Platz and Joe Andrews share insights from Valoir’s primary research and discuss:

  • The main reasons companies choose to invest in AI to augment their existing CRM or ticket management applications.
  • Key benefits of investing in support experience.
    • Improved case management
    • More efficient support operations
    • Increased customer satisfaction
    • Retaining and growing customer revenue
  • The four steps to building a business case for support experience management.
  • Best practices achieving credible, sustainable, and consistent results.
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Rebecca Wettemann
Principal, Valoir

Judith Platz - Chief Customer Officer at SupportLogic

Judith Platz
Chief Customer Officer, SupportLogic

Joe Andrews

Joe Andrews
Chief Marketing Officer, SupportLogic