Align Support and Success with Actionable Account Health Scores

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Support and Success. Better Together.

Learn how customer success teams can leverage unbiased account health scores generated with AI directly from support data, where many of your customer interactions occur.

John Ragsdale, Distinguished VP, Technology Ecosystems at TSIA, and Judith Platz discuss how to build close alignment between support and success teams to deliver a positive and proactive customer support experience.

They also detail how support and success teams can make a strong business case for investing in the support experience by aligning with key financial metrics and fostering strong partnerships with both IT and finance.

Key takeaways include how to:

  • Make account health scores an actionable, leading indicator
  • Better align Support & Success initiatives with company financial goals
  • Achieve rapid time-to-value with AI-generated customer support signals and alerts to trigger workflows


Judith Platz - Chief Customer Officer at SupportLogic

Judith Platz
Chief Customer Officer

John Ragsdale
VP, Technology Ecosystems