Apr 3, 2023

Can Support Experience Power-Up Your Entire Organization?

Support Experience benefits much more than your support operations. This article breaks down how customer success, IT, product, and finance see value from investing in Support Experience:

  • Giving customer success the most complete customer health view
  • Removing development and integration burdens from IT 
  • Surfacing product usage and adoption insights for the product team
  • Getting efficient with operating costs while helping reduce customer churn

The company-wide benefits are clear: You can save revenue, make teams more efficient, and build better products by using the customer insights hiding in your support data.

But first – some old-school, video game fun:

Infographic: Power-up Your Entire Organization

Customer Success: Benefit from better customer support

Product adoption issues are a leading cause of unexpected customer churn. To prevent this, customer success teams need to be able to identify warning signs of churn early on. SupportLogic helps with this by using sentiment detection and machine learning to give customer success teams visibility into the entire customer lifecycle. SupportLogic then helps customer success teams to identify adoption issues early, monitor at-risk customers, and provide alerts and workflows to help teams solve issues before they become critical.

SupportLogic also grades every account based on their support interactions, providing key business signals such as churn risk, frustration, and profanity in support health scores, customer escalation predictions, customer sentiment analysis, and alerts.

By using customer insights found in support data, companies can improve their sales and success teams’ visibility into customer interactions, preventing churn and ultimately improving customer retention rates.

IT: Scale with purpose-built software

IT is under pressure to provide customer-facing teams with data science and AI tools, but often lacks the resources for ramping up and project planning. Building AI tools in-house is costly and risky, which is why industry leaders suggest partnering with trusted software brands to pilot AI projects. Partnering with trusted software minimizes implementation risk and enables IT to scale without adding headcount or ramp-up costs.

All-in-one solutions offer the right benefits by turning on capabilities for the entire organization, further reducing IT friction. SupportLogic is an example of an all-in-one solution that provides low-effort, low-risk, and low-cost support digital transformation. It allows support teams to be self-sufficient, make changes on the fly, and spreads valuable insights throughout the company, unlocking voice-of-customer.

SupportLogic also handles database updates, reducing IT requirements, and requires no code, add-ons, or IT intervention. By involving product leaders in potential issues with zero IT configuration and maintenance, you can boost company insights and enable IT to redirect resources away from tactical tasks.

Product: Take advantage of product information trapped in data silos

Customer support data is filled with product usage insights, but most organizations lack an efficient way to harvest feedback. SupportLogic provides product teams with efficient ways to access customer feedback and support case data to gain insights for improving products. By tracking root causes of product and adoption issues and using customer sentiment for insights, product teams can reduce operational expenses and gain a true competitive advantage.

SupportLogic product signal dashboards are tuned to sentiment, your product keywords, and trending issues, and allows unlimited user licenses and dashboard access. This allows product teams to easily find customer struggles, requests, and usage/success stories to pinpoint root causes for adoption issues, align product roadmaps to customer needs, and optimize positioning based on customer experience.

By using support data for product feedback, your product teams can shift bug triage and detection from months to days and prioritize product requests backed up by customer data.

Finance: Expand customer relationships and reduce operating reduce costs

As customer acquisition becomes painfully slow, you can stay competitive by improving customer support and success. We call this growing the base. MIT research suggests that AI is the key to scaling this strategy, and SupportLogic provides value across customer retention and revenue expansion.

By using SupportLogic, you can expand revenue opportunities by reducing churn rates and increasing operating margins. Additionally, you can reduce operating costs by consolidating SaaS vendors, optimizing the support technology stack, and reducing CRM licensing costs. SupportLogic displaces tools for support analytics, case routing, QA, escalation management, and CRM seats.

For proof, Valoir has verified that SupportLogic can reduce case escalation rates by 20-50%, boost time to resolution by 10–15%, improve manager case review productivity by 10-20x, reduce agent onboarding time by 2 weeks, and increase agent tenure by 1 month.


This wraps up some of the company-wide benefits that can be seen across your company by implementing SupportLogic and investing in Support Experience.

Check out the video below for a fun recap:

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