Feb 9, 2021

Introducing SupportLogic Agent SX: Turn Your Support Engineers into Rockstars!

Today we’re proud to announce the launch of SupportLogic Agent SX. SupportLogic has been elevating service experience for a few years now by extracting key customer sentiment signals in support cases. We are privileged to count some of the most innovative customer success-focused companies as our customers and there are strong tangible proof points on how we have helped optimize support efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. 

Over the past few years, we have spent many hours with our customers to learn how we can help them further. One common refrain in those conversations has been a request to provide the value of our product directly to the support engineers. SupportLogic Agent SX is a natural consequence of those conversations – and it does more than just read your signals.

The forward-thinking support leaders at our customers envision their managers focusing their attention on being the best coaches to their teams and helping them to use the tools at their disposal in the most productive way. This desire contrasts the reality that many companies face, where managers are ‘middle-men’ who spend their time focusing their engineer’s attention on the right case – this is clearly not the best use of their time.

A better way is to make that same information available directly to engineers and boost their productivity. Just having access to the NLP-based customer sentiment signals is useful, but not enough. An agent may not have all the context about a customer – whether they are up for renewal, whether they have several other cases in the backlog being handled by other engineers.  SupportLogic’s ML model does a 360 degree analysis of all the factors associated with a case and the customer and prioritizes the cases in the agents’ backlog making a recommendation on which ones to tackle first. And there’s a lot more value.

With SupportLogic Agent SX, support engineers can:

  • Continuously see a prioritized backlog
  • Guide their actions with NLP signals
  • Stay on top of their tasks and meet their SLAs by subscribing to intelligent, predictive alerts
  • Collaborate more effectively with their peers and find the right subject matter experts
  • Monitor their own efficiency and be coached to even greater success

But in all our conversations, there was one hidden value that multiple customers alluded to. They bemoaned the outdated user experience that is offered by whatever CRM version they are on. Simple, common tasks often require multiple clicks and screen transitions resulting in greatly reduced efficiency. Working in a modern user interface would delight their engineers and that would translate into better customer service.

I plan on covering more product capabilities in depth in future blog posts.

We first unveiled Agent SX to the members of our Customer Advisory Board last week. I was thrilled with the response and how eager they were to have their teams try it out.Are you curious about how Agent SX can help your support team? We’d love to show you how. Sign up for a test drive today.

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