Get Truly Proactive Support with Support Data Analytics

Most proactive support solutions are actually reactive. You’re still reacting to a signal. Your reaction is just faster.

True proactive support lies in preventing those signals.

The insights to get there are already in your customer support data. With robust support analytics, you can identify and understand trends at scale, train your team, and enable customers. Most importantly you can use those insights to make strategic decisions that stop negative signals from happening in the first place.

That is true proactive support. 

On November 9th, Max Greene and Ryan Radcliff will show how to drill into your support data to find and act on trends like:

  • At-risk customers
  • Sentiment clusters
  • “Top 5” features responsible for escalations
  • Support case outliers
  • Signals by region, product line, customer segment, and more

Insights like these are the starting blocks for making decisions that transform support organizations. Join us on November 9th.

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Max Greene
Sr. Customer Success Manager, SupportLogic

Ryan Radcliff
Product Marketing Lead, SupportLogic

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About SupportLogic SX

The Continuous Support Experience Platform

  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing ticketing system
  • Read every ticket and automatically extract signals using AI/NLP
  • Maintain context across conversational and ticket boundaries
  • Predict outcome and provide proactive recommendations with intelligent workflows
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