The Enterprise-Level Solution for Assisted Support

SupportLogic offers a unique combination of robust data integration, safety protocols guards, and domain expertise designed to handle your case volume.

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Data Integration Built for Live Support

More robust than APIs, our integration pipeline ingests your data so it process smoothly and includes your environment customizations.

Secure, Snowflake-powered data housing

Data pipeline designed for performance and flexibility

Support for any quantity of CRM instances via universal data schema

Built for Assisted Support

Machine learning technology that learns and adapts to your case history, not rules-based algorithms claiming to be AI.

Year-over-year improvement from ML as a Service architecture

Natural language processing tuned to the language of complex support

Workflows and predictions customized to your organization

Robust Security Protocols

The only assisted support solution that is ICO-27001 certified.

Hosted in a Google-powered virtual private cloud

ISO-27001 and SOC2 certified

Robust filtering available at every pipeline point

First in Platform Capabilities

The SupportLogic platform is built to handle every assisted support use case.

The complete unified monitoring solution, spanning support manager, agent, and QA

Seamlessly write back to your systems of record and messaging apps

Ease of Adoption and Results


Only pay for what you use with usage-based pricing

See fast time-to-value with managed onboarding and training