Cut escalations by 56% by acting on sentiment.

See how Salesforce cut escalation rates to under 2% and kept them there.



decrease in Escalations



Increase in Productivity for SUPPORT managers and Swarm Leads




Escalation Rate since implementing supportlogic

Escalation prevention and backlog reduction that really works.

For the cases you can’t deflect, empower your team with AI for support.

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“Now, with SupportLogic, we know when we see a negative signal we need to act. So every time we see that negative sentiment spike, we are literally swarming to bring that down and we see the right results.”

Katherine Sullivan

SVP, Customer Success, Salesforce

The all-in-one
support experience solution

Protect your brand experience. Predict and prevent customer escalations. Observe and act on the voice of the customer in real time.

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Get AI customized to your case history without building your own data science team