Get Proactive with ServiceNow Automation

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We’ve done all the heavy lifting

We do the work to ensure the uniqueness of your organization is integrated. Frictionless onboarding means it’s easy to connect and act on insights immediately.

Take Your Support Operations to the Next Level

When you connect SupportLogic to ServiceNow, you unlock a myriad of benefits.

Signal Extraction and AI/ML Analysis

Case Escalation Prediction

AI-Powered Case
Backlog Management

Intelligent Case

Agent Coaching and Optimization

Case and Customer Sentiment Analysis

Customer Churn Prediction

Level up your Support Workflow

Bi-directional integration with ServiceNow lets you manage support cases and customers from right within SupportLogic.

Read and write directly into ServiceNow – keeping your workflow in one place.

Build on What You Already Use

SupportLogic is a non-intrusive, cloud-based layer of intelligence for your existing ServiceNow environment. There’s no “rip and replace” or deep coding required.

Simply deploy our lightweight data connector and get started transforming your support operations from day one. Our self-service design means control of your data always stays with you.

ServiceNow Integration Features

Some of our customers’ favorite write-back capabilities include:

Reassign a case to a new owner

Change the case status

Change the case priority

Add internal and external case notes

Create a public comment

Create an escalation

Secure, No-Hassle ServiceNow Integration

As part of your onboarding process, SupportLogic handles the data migration between your ServiceNow and SupportLogic instances. We make it easy for you to begin acting on customer signals in your case interactions fast, providing rapid adoption and ROI.

Take a deeper dive: Discover the nuts and bolts behind integrating your data

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