Transforming The Support Agent Experience With Predictive And Generative AI

The role of the support agent is transforming, and assisted support is here to stay. Support agents are now more than just problem solvers – they play a critical role in shaping customer experiences and influencing customer satisfaction. To adapt, companies must offer a hybrid support model: Assisted and Autonomous.

However, hiring, training, and retaining agents remains difficult, and the average agent tenure is still quite low. According to recent industry studies, the annual turnover rate for customer service agents in the U.S is as high as 30-45%, with support organizations often struggling with their remaining agents’ skill gaps in language, soft skills, compliance, and collaboration. Moreover, the increasingly technical nature of customer queries requires sophisticated troubleshooting skills, which are often found lacking.

However, not all hope is lost; generative AI can augment and help to address these gaps. For instance, AI-powered chatbots can handle routine queries, allowing human agents to focus on more complex issues. AI can also assist in providing more effective training to agents by identifying individual weaknesses and offering targeted coaching. Notably, language processing AI can also overcome language barriers, translating customer queries in real-time. This makes it possible to hire customer support agents from across the globe, giving companies access to a larger talent pool as well as empowering them to offer support in different languages and across various time zones.

Join us for a live session that dives deeper on the following topics:

  • How Gen AI will massively transform the Agent Experience
  • The need for secure, trusted, enterprise-grade practices for using LLMs for customer interactions
  • How generative AI can take the work out of responding and translating customer interactions
  • How predictive AI can prioritize cases and predict negative consequences
  • How agent development will change with AI-based quality monitoring tools

Why AI and Why Now

Join us on January 18th for this discussion with Valoir’s Rebecca Wettemann. Together with SupportLogic’s Judith Platz and Joe Andrews, the group will unveil insights from Valoir’s primary research and discuss:

  • The main reasons companies choose to invest in AI to augment their existing CRM or ticket management applications.
  • Key benefits of investing in the support experience, which include improved case management, improved support operations, increased customer satisfaction, increased revenues, and improved products.
  • The four steps to building a business case for support experience management, and best practices achieving credible, sustainable, and consistent results.

All attendees will receive the newly published research report from Valoir on SupportLogic support experience management.


Rebecca Wettemann
Principal, Valoir

Judith Platz - Chief Customer Officer at SupportLogic

Judith Platz
Chief Customer Officer, SupportLogic

Joe Andrews

Joe Andrews
Chief Marketing Officer, SupportLogic

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