SupportLogic Insights: Operational Efficiency & Customer Experience

Get the Most Out of SupportLogic

Join us on September 22 for an exclusive customer-only, webinar where SupportLogic Product Experts will discuss what our analytics module can do for you and your organization.

We’ll demonstrate how to create rich, immersive dashboards and reports that track your organization’s KPIs to help you identify areas of opportunity to improve efficiency and the customer experience. 

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SupportLogic Insights: Operational Efficiency & Customer Experience

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What You Can Expect

Get the Most Out of SX Prevent

The customer interactions in your CRM contain a wealth of information that can help you identify areas for improvement. Efficiency, customer experience, employee experience – insights into these and other KPIs are waiting to be revealed.

All you have to do is utilize the core capabilities of SX Prevent to create the reports and dashboard you need to track those KPIs.

Key benefits of SX Prevent:


  • Summarizes how agents/engineers are performing based on different factors such as case conversation, responder, and case owner counts
  • Enables drill-down reports of Days Spent in Escalated State, Days to Escalation, Escalation Distribution by Day, or custom reports

Customer Experience

  • Know how your customers feel with a view into your team’s Sentiment Scores 
  • Drill down to explore specific Sentiment trends and Attention Score trends
  • Create custom charts including comparative metrics to spot changes over time


Max Greene
Sr. Customer Success Manager & Product Expert, SupportLogic

Deepak Lakshmaman
Sr. Product Manager, SupportLogic