Customer Sentiment Analysis: Go Beyond Customer Surveys, Unlock the True Voice of the Customer

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Go Beyond Customer Surveys, Unlock the True Voice of the Customer

Customer support is typically catching up with CSAT, NPS surveys, and other lagging indicators of customer satisfaction. This leaves teams reacting after a case has already closed, or making support operations decisions based on small sample sizes of survey takers.

The better way is by using customer sentiment analysis, an automated process for discovering and measuring how customers feel about your product, brand, or service.

In this webinar, learn how you can harness the true voice of the customer with sentiment analysis.

Why AI and Why Now

If you’re running a modern support team, you probably have a good amount of customer data on your hands.

Your reps are connecting with customers frequently across many touchpoints—from chat and video calls to emails—leaving the voice of the customer sitting in the discussion or transcripts, full of valuable information about your audience’s preferences.

Customer sentiment analysis helps companies unlock this information, providing deep insights into the minds of their customers.

In this live session, Anne Barry and Ryan Radcliff discuss the benefits of sentiment detection, how and what sentiment can be detected. They also demo how this can transform daily support operations as well as customer support planning.


Anne Barry
Customer Facing Data Scientist, SupportLogic

Ryan Radcliff
Product Marketing Lead, SupportLogic