Aug 9, 2023

Creating the future of Support: Why I joined SupportLogic

I am excited to join SupportLogic as Chief Product Officer. It feels like a journey that has come full circle – from my early days of implementing customer support ticketing solutions, to building first-generation CRM and CX products for sales and customer support teams, to leading customer support and success teams.

Several market and technological shifts over the past few years have made traditional CRM solutions insufficient as they become backward-looking systems of record. The typical “voice of the customer”-based approaches to CX are also post-scriptive and usually tackle only a subset or certain type of customer. At the same time, the post-pandemic environment and economic slowdown has forced businesses to prioritize customer retention and find creative ways to increase revenue with existing customers while lowering cost of operations. So, when I learned about what SupportLogic has been building, I was more than intrigued. Here is a company looking to transform and reinvent the role of support to provide value to the entire company – and doing so with truly encompassing and innovative technologies. 

There’s a consistent set of characteristics that draws me to new opportunities: mission-driven companies that align with my passions, a team that’s both mission-obsessed and committed to delivering excellence to customers, and a company culture that aims to be special. Here’s why I am super excited about the journey ahead: 

The mission

Working at a fast-growing startup can be demanding. A strong mission that unites and inspires people is paramount to employee morale and company success. SupportLogic’s mission is to help businesses protect and grow their revenue by deeply connecting to the real voice of their customers. Every employee at SupportLogic believes in this mission. Now, I get to be part of it.

The opportunity

We have the opportunity to transform and reinvent the role of support in a way that provides value to the entire company. We are building a new category, Support Experience. We have the opportunity to deliver the world’s first support experience (SX) management platform that enables companies to proactively understand and act on the voice of the customer to build healthy relationships and maximize customer lifetime value. And we are serving a large and a growing market with strong industry tailwinds. 

The product and the product-led mindset

Being a product person and a builder at heart, this was one of my most important factors. I gravitate towards companies that have established a beachhead, but still have lots of room to grow and expand. For me, this strikes the right balance between stability and greenfield opportunity. The SupportLogic platform uses predictive and generative AI to extract sentiment signals and insights buried in customer support data to protect and grow revenue, improve customer support experience, maximize team productivity, elevate employee experience, and surface root cause for product issues. And we’re at the start of how this is going to manifest and transform Support Experience. 

Our usage and consumption-based pricing model means our revenue growth depends on customers using and seeing value from the product. This is product-led growth in its purest form. As a product leader inside a PLG company, this ensures that the whole company has a vested interest in delivering a product our customers love. 

The customers 

Throughout my career, I’ve been attracted to companies with a strong customer ethos where everyone in the organization is consistently motivated to do what’s right for the customer. We are proud of the fact that some of the most innovative tech companies use the SupportLogic platform. This includes global enterprises like Salesforce, Databricks, Snowflake, Redhat, Gainsight, Informatica, Qlik, Nutanix, UIPath, 8X8, HPE Aruba, Automation Anywhere, Rubrik, Xactly, etc. We are also fortunate to have industry thought leaders in customer success and support as our Customer Advisory Board to provide guidance on our product strategy and roadmap.

The team and the company culture

It’s oft-repeated but worth repeating – pick the right team. When joining a startup, it’s generally important to pick the right team in the sense that you think it will be successful and that it can drive the next “rocketship.” I also fundamentally believe that leaders shape the culture of the organization and the people they hire are a reflection of their values. The leadership team at SupportLogic is very accomplished – but never boast about their own achievements. Throughout my conversations with the leadership team – Krishna, John, Judi, Joe, Liz, Peter, Harish – I observed a level of authenticity, an enduring curiosity to learn, and a deep passion for reinventing and transforming the support space and building a new category. The talent that SupportLogic has attracted is incredible and the company lives by its values, operates from a foundation of trust, and is passionate about people-first innovation.

Have you ever had that feeling in your gut that if you chose not to do something that you’d be making a mistake? That you’d be losing a rare opportunity? I had that. That’s the real reason I joined SupportLogic.

We all deserve to apply our energy and effort at a company with a mission we believe, a place where we have an opportunity to make an impact, and with a culture that supports us in becoming our best. If you think that place is SupportLogic, we’re hiring. Take a look at our open roles or feel free to reach out to me directly.

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