SupportLogic 5.0 Release Notes

April 2022

SupportLogic announces the availability of a new module with this release – Agent Coaching & Evaluation.

A culture of continuous improvement for your support engineers ensures an exceptional service experience for every customer. Support managers need the ability to mentor their engineers, review cases in a timely manner, monitor their agents’ growth, and evaluate their performance. But support managers and executives alike run into multiple limitations in existing tools when trying to execute a consistent company-wide process to achieve their goals.

ACE (Agent Coaching & Evaluation) is a simple, streamlined agent evaluation solution built right into the core SupportLogic SX™ platform. It enables a manager to provide in-context mentoring to their agents and ensure a consistent case review process.

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The SupportLogic Team

Define Your Evaluation Criteria

Establish a consistent rubric for your team

Create a standardized, measurable case evaluation model that will be used by all your teams. Organize the criteria into categories so that you can evaluate how your support team is performing in areas like soft skills, case documentation hygiene, troubleshooting, or other areas that are relevant to your organization.

Coach Agents In-Context

Provide just-in-time mentoring to your engineers

Highlight any portion of a case and provide your engineer feedback – reinforcing good customer support techniques or mentoring them on what they can improve. Coach at any time on any case, active or closed.

Manage Evaluations

Get recommendations on which cases to review

You can review any case once it is closed. Mark a case for review at any time and have the platform let you know when the case closes, or let SX™ recommend cases that are worth reviewing. Manage all your reviews in a single dashboard; filter by agent to ensure that you are maintaining a regular cadence for reviews.

Case Evaluation

Evaluate engineers based on the company rubric

View the coaching that you may have provided the engineer while you are reviewing a case. The rubric established by the company is presented to you so that you can review the case based on each of the criteria. When you are done, route the review directly to the engineer. All reviews are stored centrally – no more spreadsheets stored in different folders on the managers’ laptops.

Agent Performance

Centralize, monitor, benchmark

Monitor how your engineers are doing over time – ACE helps you accomplish this by providing this through a centralized, shared system where you can store all the coaching that you have provided. Track whether your input is helping your agents improve customer experience.