SupportLogic 4.13.6 Release Notes

March 2022

SupportLogic has been upgrading your application all year, and we thought it was time to tell you some of the things that we have done.

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Now let’s talk about the features:

  • Expand the Trends page to include all Needs Attention signals
  • More essential information in the Escalation Cards
  • Highlight the top skills for the recommended agents in ICA
  • Share URLs for individual tabs in operational metrics

As always, we would love to hear from you, if you have any questions or comments. Please drop us a note at 

The SupportLogic Team

Needs Attention Signals on the Trends Page

Filter by any Needs Attention signal

You can now filter the signals that you find on the Keywords and Trends page by any of the needs attention signals (Production Issue, Critical Issue, Urgency, Call Request or Follow Up Request), in addition to specifying whether you are looking for the signal in inbound, outbound or internal comments.

More Detail on the Escalation Cards

See relevant case information with the escalation details

See the case Sentiment Score, Needs Attention Score and details of the most recent case comment in the Escalations cards in the kanban view.

Only the most Relevant Skills of Recommended Agents

When SupportLogic ICA (Intelligent Case Assignment) recommends the best agents to route a case to, we now show you only the most relevant skills of the agent that are applicable to the case.

Share a Direct Link to each tab in Operational Metrics

Sometimes you want to share a specific tab in the Operational Metrics with a colleague.  Previously, you could only send them a link to the entire Operational Metrics section.  But with this release, you can share a link that will take them directly to the appropriate tab.