SupportLogic 4.7 Release Notes

December 2020

At SupportLogic, we would like to end a troubling year for everyone on a high note. We have some fun features that will hopefully make our users happier, and of course our ongoing improvements to existing functionality.

Here are the key product enhancements in this release:

  • Customer Board
  • Visibility into the Customer Fields in your CRM
  • Customer Sentiment Score
  • Predictive Alerts
  • Global Filter Enhancements
  • Select All/Select None Options in Filters

If you have questions or comments on these changes or any thoughts on future improvements you’d like to see, we would love to hear from you; send us an email at


The SupportLogic Team

Customer Board

Keep an Eye on your Most Important Customers 

SupportLogic is excited to launch the “Customer Board” as part of the Customer Management Module.  Get at-a-glance insight into your customers through carefully curated lists of accounts that are stack-ranked by various key metrics.  Customer Success teams can leverage this capability to monitor marquee accounts, identify outliers and find anomalous patterns in customer activity.

Lists include Customers with Escalations, Customers with Production issues, Customers ranked by Case Volume and, Customers ranked by Customer Sentiment Score.  Each list can be further refined by specific customer fields, and exported for offline analysis.

With each subsequent release, we will continue to add more custom lists; in the meantime please keep the feedback coming on what else you would like to see in this page

Customer Fields in SupportLogic

Filter and Group by customer fields

SupportLogic now ingests and displays Customer Account Fields allowing for greater extensibility and customization across the product.

Administrators can view these fields in the Customer Fields tab on the Settings page and configure how and where these fields will be seen in the product. In this release, these fields will be visible in the Customer Board page and the Customer Sentiment Score Chart.

Customer Sentiment Score

Aggregate the Case Sentiments for a Customer

Operational Metrics gets another boost with the new Customer Sentiment Score chart. If you have always wanted a way to group and view your customer base according to their customer sentiment scores, this is the answer. Use this to compare your customers or analyze buckets of customers with similar customer sentiment scores.

As with other charts, drill into each bucket to see the list of customers ranked by their customer sentiment score. 

Predictive Alerts

More ways to easily remain on top of your support cases

We have rounded out the alerts functionality in the product with the addition of two new types of alert triggers:

  • Predictive triggers: Monitor cases where SLAs are likely to be missed
  • Pro-active notifications: Alert you when any SLA has been missed

With the predictive notifications, the person creating the alert is able to define how soon they want to be notified.

Global Filter Enhancements

Apply Multiple Filters Simultaneously

Global filters were introduced recently and are already seeing widespread usage.  With this release, users can now apply multiple presets at the same time.

So how can you use this feature to improve your efficiency? Create unique filters based on case attributes, customer accounts, and agents. You can now restrict your views by any one or multiple of these filters. For example, as a support manager, you can use an agent-based filter to see only those cases owned by the agents reporting to you. However, if you want to additionally refine the entire application to show cases in a particular product-line, or from a specific region, you can set that up in the case-based filter and apply it in addition to the agent filter.If you have questions about how you can leverage this efficiently, just reach out to us and we will help you.

Select All/Select None Options in Filters

We’ve added the ability to Select All/None inside the quick filters – making it much faster to select the exact list you want.