SupportLogic 4.6 Release Notes

October 2020

As we head into the final quarter of 2020, and are eager to see what has been a challenging year for all of us, in our rear-view mirrors,

SupportLogic is very excited to announce our next release.   As always, our goal is to make continuous improvements to existing functionality while adding new capabilities.

Here are the key product improvements in this release:

  • Global Filters
  • Free-form text search on the Trends page
  • Export any chart as an image
  • More alerting conditions
  • Customize First Response Time SLA
  • Trend-line charts in Ops Metrics

In addition to these new features, as with every release, SupportLogic’s product is faster, more stable, and more secure, ensuring that your data is safe and available when you need it.

If you have any feedback on the product or suggestions on how the SupportLogic application can make you even more efficient in your daily tasks, let us know at


The SupportLogic Team

Global Filters

Personalize your view to focus on just the cases you care about

Tailor the cases that you see in SupportLogic experience by setting a global filter that is in effect in all the pages on the site.

Support Managers can narrow their view to see just the cases related to their team or specific support agents. Customer Success Managers can focus on only those cases that pertain to the customers that they are responsible for.

Free-form Text search on the Trends Page

Unleash your Searchitivity to identify patterns and trends and get new insights, because Search on the Trends page just got supercharged.

In addition to the keyword based search, you can now do full free-form text searches on the Trends page.  The search will scour the case subject, description and all the comments to provide you comprehensive, detailed results.

And just in case you have not visited the Trends page recently, don’t forget that it allows you to further refine and group your search results by sentiments extracted, top search terms, and more.

Export any Chart as an Image

Insert any customizable chart in your presentation or document

You could always export the data in a chart as a CSV.  Now export any customizable chart in the product as an image and include it in your presentations or documents.

More Alerting Conditions

More ways to easily remain on top of your support cases

We heard your requests and continue to enhance our alerting functionality with each release.

  • Search for cases based on when they were created and closed.
  • Create alerts that are triggered by all the conditions (as you always could) or when any one of the conditions is triggered.
  • Company administrators wanted to limit alert creation to a handful of people in their organization.   So there is now a new permission that allows you to do just that.
  • But, anybody in the organization can browse the global alerts created by the administrator, and subscribe to the ones that they are interested in.

Customize First Time Response SLA

Exclude automated responses from your SLA calculations

Many of you want to compute the First Response Time based on an actual agent’s response to a customer request, excluding any automated messages that may have been sent.  Register the Bot email addresses with the system, and we will ex lude messages from those addresses from the SLA computation.

Trend-line Charts in Ops Metrics

More trend-line options across all charts

Create trend line views for all the charts under the Efficiency tab, and the Sentiment Signal charts under the Customer Experience tab.   So you can now create Trend line charts across all tabs and all charts in the Operational Metrics module.

To help optimize your chart creation process, the entire flow has been redesigned and streamlined making it more intuitive and simpler to pick between standard and custom chart options. Where applicable, some charts will support further filtering by applicable custom fields.

Use these charts to uncover patterns and trends in your metrics, slicing and dicing by custom fields as needed.