Jun 21, 2023

SupportLogic Announces the Winners of the First-Ever Support Experience Awards at SX Live 2023

SupportLogic’s first-of-its-kind awards recognize organizations, teams, and individuals who have made remarkable strides in transforming the customer support industry.

San Jose, Calif. — June 21, 2023SupportLogic, the world’s first Support Experience (SX™) management platform, today announced the winners of its inaugural Support Experience Awards during the second annual SX Live Virtual Conference. SX Live is the definitive industry conference for Support Experience, and over 2,000 people in the support and customer success function worldwide, from CXOs to frontline professionals, have participated in the event series in the past year. The Support Experience Awards marks a significant milestone in celebrating the organizations, teams, and individuals that have reshaped the support landscape and elevated customer experiences. 

“Last year’s inaugural SX Live Conference was an overwhelming success,” said SupportLogic founder and CEO, Krishna Raj Raja. “It united the top CS and CX industry leaders and experts who were able to share and exchange invaluable insights, strategies, and best practices. The remarkable enthusiasm surrounding our first SX Live conference and the excitement around industry innovation, solidified our desire to bring something exciting to this year’s SX Live Conference. That is why we created the industry’s first Support Experience Awards.”

“With support and success teams being in a renaissance period, I can’t think of a better place to highlight their stories of excellence,” said Judith Platz, chief customer officer at SupportLogic.

SupportLogic extends its heartfelt congratulations to all the finalists who have showcased exceptional achievements in their respective categories. 

Winners of the first-ever Support Experience Awards include:

  • Customer Experience (Team Award): SiemensThis award celebrates a support team that consistently delivers outstanding customer experiences. The evaluation criteria include attention to customer personas and journeys, exceptional customer satisfaction and loyalty metrics, proactive use of metrics to improve the customer experience, and implementation of customer-focused workflows and processes.
  • Organizational Influence (Team Award): QlikThis award acknowledges a support team that utilizes insights and data to demonstrate strong influence outside their function and deliver value to the broader company. The evaluation criteria encompass impact on other functions, leveraging insights from support interactions to drive cross-functional impact, and designing processes for repeatability and scale.
  • Transformational Coach & Employee Experience (Team Award): Rene Cantwell, ScienceLogicThis award recognizes a high-performing support organization that prioritizes employee experience and invests in programs to systematically develop its people. Evaluation criteria include showcasing strong team skill development, proactive coaching and quality monitoring, employee metrics such as retention and satisfaction, and employee referral and hiring.
  • Self-Service (Team Award): CadenceThis award commends the self-service organization that places customer experience at the forefront. Evaluation criteria include measurable positive customer experiences and outcomes through the self-service channel, focus on quality rather than quantity of articles, reduction in onboarding and cross-training time, and systematic process improvement.
  • Technology Adoptions (Team Award): CoveoThis award acknowledges a support organization that effectively utilizes technologies to improve the customer and employee experience while enhancing operational efficiency. Evaluation criteria include the use of AI and customer signal harnessing tools, quality monitoring and automated coaching, and a defined roadmap for evolving the technology stack.
  • Customer Hero (Individual Award): Steven Sanchez, SimpleLegalThis award honors an exceptional individual contributor (support engineer, agent, CSM) who consistently delivers exceptional customer experiences. The evaluation criteria include turning customers from detractors to promoters, strong customer sentiment and satisfaction metrics, and direct contributions to customer revenue protection and growth.
  • Transformational Leader (Individual Award): Mohammed Ajouz, SAPThis award recognizes a senior leader who strategically transforms the support organization to deliver better outcomes for customers, employees, and the business. Evaluation criteria encompass effective change management, leveraging modern technologies and collaborative methods within the support org, expanding beyond traditional metrics, and driving the adoption of unassisted support models.

These winners were selected by our esteemed panel of judges who bring an abundance of expertise and passion for recognizing and acknowledging outstanding support achievements. The Support Awards judges include:

  • Al Hahn, executive director of the Association of Support Professionals
  • Françoise Tourniaire, founder of FT Works and author of “The Art of Support”
  • David Kay, principal, DB Kay & Associates
  • Judith Platz, chief customer officer at SupportLogic 

Krishna added, “By properly acknowledging and highlighting, on a global stage, the individuals and teams who have made remarkable strides in transforming support, we hope to inspire others and raise the bar as we continue to push the boundaries of support excellence.”

For more information about SupportLogic’s inaugural Support Experience finalists, click here. To discover more about how SupportLogic’s AI-powered tools are primed to revolutionize customer support, see SupportLogic: How it Works

More information on SX Live can be found here:

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