SupportLogic 4.10 Release Notes

June 2021

Summer has begun, and SupportLogic has a new release.  As always, we are excited to share a host of new features and enhancements.

  • Case Details page had a face-lift
  • Visual indicator when you have unread Annotations
  • Know who is OOO when assigning cases
  • Organize My Cases by any custom field
  • Quickly identify cases with large number of sentiments
  • See cases that are Likely to be Escalated in the Console page
  • Collaborate with any user in your company using Microsoft Teams 

If you have questions or comments on these changes or any thoughts on future improvements you’d like to see, we would love to hear from you; send us an email at

The SupportLogic Team

Case Details page had a face-lift

Same great features, cleaner new look

The case detail page is now organized into the following panels: 

Case Header containing the most important case fields

  • Customer name – Their sentiment score, notes about them and the ability to add them to your Favorites
  • Case Reporter name – Email address, other cases they filed recently
  • Case Owner – Change who the case is assigned to if you have the necessary CRM integration; and if you have a license, SupportLogic Case Assignment will recommend the best engineer for the case
  • Case Status
  • Case Custom Fields – Reorder them to prioritize the ones that are important to you, and modify them if you have the appropriate CRM integration

The Signals Pane with signals and predictions from SupportLogic

  • Sentiment and Needs Attention scores for the case
  • Escalations related information (with a SupportLogic Escalations Management license)
  • A scroll-able list of all the Sentiments in the case – click on any signal to see the associated case comment
  • Key Insights about the case

Case Comments – all the details of the case

  • View your customer’s Comments, and respond to them (through the CRM integration)
  • Get a quick chronological overview of the key Highlights of the case


  • Annotate the case and initiate internal discussions with your peers
  • See a list of all Responders, everybody that is collaborating on this case


Visual indicator for New Annotations

Immediately know that you have unread messages in the Collaborations section

Annotations are a powerful way for case owners and their collaborators to have internal conversations.  But agents can sometimes miss these key messages.  With this release, SupportLogic provides visual indicators of unread annotations in the collaborations section, and a count of the annotations associated with the case.

Know who is OOO when Assigning Cases

Get a warning if your engineer is on vacation or soon will be

SupportLogic Case Assignment now incorporates engineers’ vacation calendar when recommending them for a case.  Maintain your engineers’ out of office schedules via the Agent Insights page and opt to filter out those who are currently out of office when assigning cases.  SupportLogic will even warn you proactively if an agent that you are considering has a scheduled time-off within the next few days.

Organize My Cases by any Custom Field

Support engineers using My Cases (requires an Agent Sx license) have another way to organize their backlog.  Group your cases by any supported custom field like case severity, entitlement, region.  If a field that is important to you is missing, work with your local SupportLogic administrator to have it added to the supported list.

Find outliers by Sentiment Count

Identify cases that have the most sentiment signals in them

Finding patterns in your cases has always been easy thanks to our powerful NLP and data visualizations. With this release, organize cases by sentiment count on the Patterns and Outliers page.  Quickly identify cases with a large number of sentiment signals, and drill into them right away.

Likely to be Escalated cases in the Console

The Console page is the operations hub, the place where many of our users spend most of their time.  You asked us to provide visibility into Escalation Predictions on that page.   And that is exactly what we have done in this release.

Collaborate with any user using Microsoft Teams

Swarm with any user in your company

SupportLogic SX now allows you to collaborate with any user through Microsoft Teams, not just users that are registered with the platform.   You can send alerts and share cases with any Teams user in your company.  With this integration, use SupportLogic and Teams to swarm with your team and invite them to participate in a case even if they do not have an account in your CRM.